Distorted Typography for PUMA - This is my flow

This is my flow was one of the PUMA’s global campaigns for the year of 2019 that Danilo Gusmão Silveira had the pleasure to work alongside KNAS team and develop the main visuals for the season. They decided to develop a minimalist approach where the focus was to have only a composition based on a typography treatment, graphic elements to help with the story and the hero players for this campaign.

Stylish Typeface Design for AppD Sans

Kallan & Co, Paul Russell, Brett King and Hannu Koho share a beautiful typeface design project on their Behance profile. The font created is called AppD Sans and it was designed in conjunction with the rebrand of AppDynamics by Cisco.

DD dot — Bespoke Display Typography & Typeface

Marçal Prats sent us his latest project and as usual, it's an inspiring typography and typeface project for Dot, an art magazine that serves as a platform to explore ideas and to showcase talent. It is intended to inspire, spark conversation, and feed the imagination.

Grafier Serif Typeface

We have the running conversation that a serif typeface isn't generally the strong opinion when speaking about 'product design' because of its readability and constraints. But who cares! I think there is a definite purpose for a serif type and let's take a look at Grafier Serif Typeface and its variables by Alex Slobzheninov. This font family consists of 10 styles: five weights from Regular to Black in two contrast variations. It's a perfect combination in play with a sans-serif font!

Typography: Soulcraft a typeface to encourage all of us

Soulcraft typeface is a free OpenType variable font designed with the idea of emulating vernacular lettering. This beautiful typography project was created and shared by Massimo Studio, Erick Donate, Jean Wojciechowski and Marcelo de Costa. Since the font is an OTVar font, the user is able to change width and slant of each individual character without relying on pre-defined font weights.

3D Typography by Jonathan Ortiz

Jonathan Ortiz shared a beautiful collection of calligraphy and typography compositions. They are super colorful and stylish. There are some clever ideas on some of them, like a anagram style animation. One of my favorite pieces is the Pinterest one, it has a bit of a paintbrush feel but with a lot of depth. It feels that is was done in 3D. Actually most of the work that Jonathan shared takes a advantage of the clever use of shadows to add depth and movement. Super cool!

Alphabet Dispersion Typography Series

This typographic series started as exploration while playing with the settings and glass materials within the applications 'Arnold renderer and 'Cinema 4D'. The results are mesmerizing, the idea of 'dispersion' comes from the familiar example of a rainbow. I guess we are all familiar with that stripe of colors. The challenge to achieve such a natural look, takes time and commitment to do so. We are featuring the work of denfo, who took that ideology and decided to create a 'typography series titled: 'Alphabet Dispersion'.

Reebok #BeMoreHuman Hand-Drawn Typeface

I was surfing on Behance for an inspiration related to fonts for ABDZ. I stumbled across the work of Simon Stratford who is a designer based in London, UK. He published a project for Reebok #BeMoreHuman Typeface fully hand-drawed. It's just a beautiful and yet powerful campaign featuring popular celebrities like Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman, Danai Gurira (from Black Panther) and more.

Elgoc is a Beautiful Serif Font Available for Free

Neuebel® & Mark and Firman Suci Ananda shared an awesome typography project on their Behance profile. The project is about their new typeface called Elgoc, which is a serif display font with a beautiful form, strong contrast and elegant look. If you look at the editorial piece they created to feature the typeface in use you will see how modern/fresh it looks. On top of that, they made the font available for free.

Plentiful Lettering Goodness by Naniii

We are sharing the work of Naniii with his plentiful lettering goodness. Such a tremendous progression along the years and keeps pushing himself into different styles all the time. One particular reason why this collection is taking the edge, they are all done with the iPad Pro + Pencil. It's not the first time we are witnessing artists taking a stab with this premium medium. Do you believe the tool like the iPad makes all the difference? Naniii defiinitely puts it in the right direction.

Typography Experiment Collection: EXPERIMENTYPE

David Milan shared an awesome typography post on his Behance profile. It's a collection of experiments playing with calligraphy and lettering. I particularly love this type of work. I used to spend so much time practicing Photoshop and Illustrator to be able to do similar artwork. It's awesome to see how David pushes the limit of analog and digital.  

Rampa Neither Grotesque nor Humanist Typeface

Pedro Matos shared a beautiful typography project on his Behance profile titled RAMPA. Built from scratch, for v10. Rampa is a bespoke typeface developed for Primavera BSS, born with the release of Primavera v10. Neither a grotesque nor a humanist font, Rampa is a contemporary yet friendly looking sans serif typeface—with moderate contrast and modern proportions—that plays on both sides of these styles. The key concept behind v10 branding and communication is a 20 degree acute angle, symbolizing growth and evolution. 

Typography Thursday: Cako Typeface

Violaine & Jeremy is a graphic design studio based in Paris, France. They shared this incredible typography project for their new typeface, Cako. 

Augmented Reality & Typography is the Perfect Match

We have published some posts in the past about the perfect match that Augmented Reality (AR) and Typography make, so when we saw the amazing work that  Alex Slobzhenino shared we had to post it here. As he says, "from time to time I make type fly and jump in various ways" and then he shares it on his Instagram profile. This project is a collection of these little AR and motion experiments he’s done lately. Note that all the used fonts are designed by Alex himself.

Divergent Type Explorations by Artur Tenczyński

Artur Tenczyński has shared a type collection of explorations that are creative and divergent to one another. I am sure if there are commercial or personal explorations but one thing for sure. It's inspiring! Instead of exploring one specific style or set of colors; Arthur went all loud on this one and it's awesome. If asked which one is my favorite? I would say: 'roasted' just because of its angle and also the technique used to recreate what has been done so far?! You will be the judge.

Revisiting the devices from 'Backup Days', brutalist, acid graphics and contemporary

Attico Trentasei has been giving me pure nostalgia with his 'Backup Days' series where he is revisiting graphical (yes graphical) explorations on storage devices from the past like the floppy disk for example. It's such a cool initiative since it is reminiscing the good old days where you had an appreciation for the typography, visuals and actually taking the time to pay attention to all the details. Check them out, they are really great and this might spark your inspiration somehow.

ADORE Screenprint for Pangeaseed Foundation

Our good friend Ben Johnston has shared a cool screenprint for the Pangeaseed Foundation which is a nonprofit organization promoting the culture and environmentalism to further the conservation of our oceans. It's a beautiful cause to promote. In support, you can purchase the 'ADORE' print which is 24 x 18 in coming in 4 color variants: Orange Rainbow, Blue Peacock, Deep Azul, and White Shadow. All the prints are all signed, numbered and a limited print run of 30 per variant.

Colorful Packaging Design for coffee liqueur Hywilde

Chad Michael Studio has shared such a lovely packaging design for the coffee liqueur titled: Hywilde. Coming with 100% Arabica beans and natural flavors, the client Artist In Residence Distillery must have loved the bilingual typographic approach finish with a 'red-ish' brand logo filled with an accent of gold everywhere. This is the kind of packaging that definitely stands out on the shelves and will make you notice and admiring the art. What do you think?

Typeface Design: Roxborough a Beautiful Serif Font

We haven't posted about typeface design for quite a long time, so it's time to change that. Today we feature the Roxborough typeface created and shared by Connary Fagen. The design is a dramatic, voguish serif, influenced by calligraphy and hand lettering. Rich, open construction – built around a distinctive single-storey “a” – pairs nicely with the stylized, expressive italics.

Kiss my Kicks with 3D Typography and Lettering

Ben Fearnley shared one of those projects that I immediately have to post about it on Abduzeedo. That’s because it’s a mix of 3D Typography and lettering. For this one Ben created this beautiful composition out of shoe laces. With the say “Kiss my Kicks” the lettering alone is top notch, then you add an impeccable 3D rendering and the result is really inspiring. 

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