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Kellog's Cereal Package Design

Being a student is hard work... you spend hundreds of hours designing and evolving so that you may get to the point where you start doing solid, awesome projects that make you proud. The feeling of being able to design an awesome piece is just priceless.

The Classic Style of a Token Gift

Celebrating Christmas in July? As far as professional gifting services go, Token’s done a great job building a product around a universal truth: great gifts are tough to find. But when you mix their classic take on elegant packaging & brand that says a whole lot with just a little — well, it’s a gift that keeps on giving.  

Package Design - Milk Packing by Erik Musin

It's always great to find an awesome set of package design. Erik Musin, Russian designer based in Saint Petersburg, comes up with beautiful branding design, ranging from logo to packages. He's got a sweet style and here you can see a Milk packing he designed. This is truly amazing, with beautiful details. For more images of this great project, check out his portfolio at Behance. I hope you enjoy this! Cheers. ;)

Branding: Cozy Cotton by Tom Jueris

Cozy Cotton is a branding and package design project shared by Tom Jueris on his Behance profile. The elegance of the design that Tom created is evident by the classic all caps serif with some details in italic. I also really like the script font/handwriting applications. It does give a touch of character and make the whole design feel upscale. Below you can see a bit more about the project.

Crew Package Design by Alireza Jajarmi

It's always awesome to see a solid package design! We've seen some great examples before of cool packaging that is visual appealing and most definitely delivers a nice experience to the user. Today we're featuring the package design of Crew, a biodegradable powder mix paint, by designer Alireza Jajarmi. This is a very dope design, with some layers of package that bring together a nice result. For more of Jajarmi's work, please visit his portfolio at Behance! I hope you enjoy these!

Paleo Nut Butter Packaging Design

This project was created by Brazilian design agency Hamo. They designed this amazing package for a super foods company that is coming out with a new series of nut butters. The designs are very energetic and colorful, giving the perfect feel for the product. For more from Hamo visit

Wells Coffee Packaging Design

Graphic Designer Steve Wolf designed this beautiful packaging and branding system for Wells Coffee Co out of Boca Raton Florida. The design is simple and yet amazing, together with a great color combination it will make you want to get this coffee. Check it out! For more from Steve Wolf visit

Super Stylish Package Design

I simply love package design! I firmly believe that a well designed package can make a difference for a lot of people when deciding what product to buy. From color scheme to textures, from label to type, every detail count when it comes to packaging. So of course I really admire designers that create beautiful and inspiring work as the ones we will show here today. From edamame to cold pressed juices, cocktail kits to milk and more, we have some pretty stylish packaging to show. Check it out! And make sure to click the images to know more about each design. ;)

Rawganique Package Design

Handmade design is a super sweet style. It gives products that rustic feel and adds a notion of humanity to it... add a slogan like "made by humans to humans" and you're set to go. Peltan-Brosz, a design agency from Budapest came up with package design for Rawganique, a handcrafted products manufacturer based on Canada. Check it out!

Unique Package Design

It's always awesome to see a very well designed package! There are a lot of talented designers out there doing some super sweet pieces, so today we've selected mainly liquid containers, like bottles, flasks, pots and more. Here you can see some fantastic examples of unique package design! For more information on these works, please click each image! If you got your own package design, don't forget to share it with us, because we'd love to see it! I hope you enjoy this selection. Cheers! ;)

Package Inspiration: Beautiful Bottles and Labels

I love great package design. And lately I've been obsessing with bottles and labels. Every time I go to the supermarket to get beverages, alcoholic or not, I find myself checking out every cool bottle and label I can find. Maybe it is because great package will get your attention or maybe it is just because I like package in general, not sure. I just know that a beautiful bottle/label design certainly stands out, specially if they are seating among average designs.

Domaine Lepovo - Branding

Wine label designs have always caught my eye and inspired. I think one of the reasons is because the shape of the bottle remains the same while designers must focus on color, style and typography to make their brand visible to the consumer's eye. Domaine Lepovo is a great example of a simple, yet elegant branding work for a premium wine. Domaine Lepovo is a premium Macedonian wine. The specific location of the vineyards create perfect conditions for the production of this high quality wine.

Coca-Cola Le Parfum

It's been quite a long time since our last post about package design. Of late we've been focusing on visual identity and illustrations, however our love for industrial design continues. To prove that we bring to you a really cool project from Wonchan Lee. Titled Coca Cola Le Parfum, it's a take on the creative execution of a Coca Cola perfume if it ever did exist. The lines are very clean, taking on the aesthetic of a beautiful perfume bottle while still preserving the Coca Cola classic look and feel.

Wine Label Design by Simon Frouws

I always love to analyze the labels on wine bottles, it's an amazing source of inspiration and references. Simon Frouws Design is an award-winning boutique studio specializing in creating those premium wine label design. They have also crafted successful identities and packaging for spirits, tea, coffee, bespoke guitars and luxury playing cards.

Lovely Package Design by Isabela Rodrigues

A good package design will catch any consumer's attention, and will add so much for a good, solid identity. From time to time we get to see some nice package pieces, but these are simply lovely. These are the work of Isabela Rodrigues, a Branding Studio based in Porto Alegre, Brazil. They got pretty amazing pieces in their portfolio, and you can just see that they loving doing what they do!

Logo, Illustration and Package Design

Today we are going to review some amazing work for DrNo Effects; a vintage guitar effect pedal company. We are going to take a look at DrNo Effects logo, packaging and the awesome guitar pedals they have. The entire line was designed by the Dutch designer Eric Van Der Boom. Ejoy!

Great Black Package Design

Opening the package of something you just bought is a great experience and a lot of people love it. Package designers sure do their best so that you can enjoy the best of this moment.

Beer Package Designs

Nothing like the good old six pack to change the mood. I know it's early to drink a beer but you may get thirsty after seeing these awesome packages I selected to show you. Every man has it's favorite beer but design lovers can't help to be attracted by the package and some times that will make you try something different, here are a few options.

35 Inspiring Food Packages

Continuing our posts showing you beautiful and inspiring packages, we gathered some really nice examples of food related packages. From catchup to peanuts and honey, we will show a little bit of everything to illustrate that no matter what your product is about, a nice and well designed package always counts for good! Once again we got the images from Lovely Package, so we recommend you to click at the images to go to LP's website to read more about each package and its designer.

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