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Motion Monday - J✹V Typography in Motion

J✹V is UI/UX designer with 10+ years of experience, specializing in Web design and applications for mobile devices. What caught my attention was the series of motion design explorations I saw on J✹V Dribbble profile. It was a series of typographical animations, but it also showed the evolution of learning (motion design) by trying, for me the most important thing and that’s why I thought it would be great to share here with you all.

Winter 2020 Registration NOW OPEN at School of Motion

I am a motion design fan and it’s one of my goals to learn more about it. Because of that, I would love to share that the registration is open for the Winter 2020 Session at School of Motion, the world’s leading online school for motion designers. Be sure to pick your preferred course — before it sells out!

Motion Design: Roger Dubuis x Lamborghini

The kind of THRIVE that we enjoy sharing here on ABDZ, this is direction and motion design work by Unit Motion Design, a creative motion studio based in Paris, France. This project is the clash between two brands, Roger Dubuis and of course Lamborghini. A few seconds to create an immersion in these two worlds through a fascinating sequence filled with projections of images and blasting light reflections all over the place.

Motion Design: Pepsi Fresh Campaign

ManvsMachine is a multidimensional creative studio with offices in London (UK) and Los Angeles (USA). They have recently released a superb motion design project for a Pepsi campaign spots entitled: Taste & Refresh. They were tasked to create a tangible connection between Pepsi and Music. Interesting approach where music tracks were made from the refreshing sounds of opening a Pepsi can and drinking a Pepsi. You should check out those videos below, hope you will enjoy!

3D and Creepy Motion Design for Gorillaz toDÍa de Los Muertos

Zombie Studio with Isaac Buzzola Chene and Claudio Jr shared an amazing motion design and 3D project on their Behance page for the Dia de los Muertos. I know, we’re late in the game by a few weeks, that’s okay, because the work they shared is amazing independent of time. In addition to that, the fact that it features or it’s a unique and creepy performance of Gorillaz makes things much more awesome.

Motion Design & Typography in Random Looping Type Collection

Random Looping Type Collection – No. 1 is a random collection of type treatments made with Animography  animated typefaces. It's basically just a big pile of loops we made over the years to test and promote their type. If you like, please let them know by visiting their website. You can also make your own typographic loops, try or buy these, and other animated typefaces at

Motion Design for Ordinary Folk

Gabriel Silveira was invited by the very cool people at Ordinary Folk to help them design their video for SAP along with Stephen Kelleher, Nuria Boj and Haewon Shin. In this kind of project it's always interesting to see what animators come up with using your designs, and in this case he was BLOWN AWAY by what those incredible designers and motion designers did. Below you can see some of the style frames and the final video.

Motion Design for SEAT Arona Global Launch

Marco Salemi and Romina Giarrizzo shared a super stylish motion design project titled SEAT - Arona Global Launch. It features a lot of elements that made graphic design really awesome to me. I am talking about simple elements, textures and typography. There's definitely a 90's feeling too if you pay close attention. Some spray textures and style alongside with a lot of black and white. So enough said, check out below and I hope you get as inspired as I got.

Colorful Mix of Graphic Design and Motion Design for JCDecaux

Let's get the week started with some really inspiring motion design. Kimi Issakainen and Oscar Böckerman from the 358 Agency in Finland shared a beautiful collection of motion graphics mixing colorful illustration and graphic design for the JCDecaux. I am a fan of motion and I am also admittedly conscious about my lack of knowledge on anything that moves because it's really hard to get the timing right.

Amazing Brand Manifesto for School of Motion

School of Motion - Brand Manifesto is one of the coolest motion design projects I’ve seen on Behance lately. The reason I say that is not because it’s beautiful but due to the amount of people that collaborated and the goals behind it. I highly recommend that you check out the original post on Behance, but I had to get some images for the feature here on Abduzeedo.

Motion Design for App and Web Interface by Cuberto

Motion design and animations have a significant role in today's app and web design. They can drive user attention to a specific part of the UI and help designers to reduce the amount of information needed to make the interface more intuitive. In some cases, animations are a differentiator, adding professionalism, finesses and polish to a website or app making them feel natural. For this post, I would love to share the work that Cuberto has done on motion design and animation.

Adidas Run For The Oceans Brutalist Motion Design

Eze Matteo shared a really cool illustration and motion design project on Behance. The title is Run For The Oceans, which is a global adidas-led initiative, where for every 1km run between June 8th (World Oceans Day) and June 16th adidas donated $1 towards Parley Ocean School – an extracurricular program that aims to educate the next generation of ocean activists. Besides being an amazing initiative, this post is to talk a bit more about the design and aesthetics of the piece, which has this brutalist look.

Motion Design Spotlight - Felipe Mahalem

Felipe Mahalem has been working with motion design and animation for more than 20 years. His main focus has been on interactive media, post production and animation. He has done work for amazing brands like Google, Youtube, Nike, Pepsi in addition to some really awesome experimental work he often share on his Instagram. 

Simple and Elegant Motion Design for CNN Parallels

Linn Fritz shared a super cool motion design project she did in collaboration with CNN for their new Parallels series about Alcohol. The illustrations are simple, yet very stylish, add some clever and subtle motion work and you have the recipe for an inspiring project. 

Tendril, a Canadian creative studio shared their stunning campaigns for VIZIO

Our good pals from Tendril is a design-driven animation, VFX and digital innovation studio based in Toronto, Canada. We have featured their work before on ABDZ and it's always a nice surprise when they are sharing new work with us. Their latest awesomeness they shared is Tendril's production partners collaboration with Psyop & PARTNER, an agency behind the marketing efforts for VIZIO.

Mesmerizing Light Effects and Motion Design for R.P.M

RETOKA ., a designer based in Barcelona, Spain, shared a really awesome digital art and motion design project on Behance. The project is titled R.P.M. and it reminds me of Photoshop explorations I used to to when we started Abduzeedo. I love everything about this project, the colors, the light effect and especially the motion. I would love to have a wallpaper for my phone, perhaps that is something RETOKA could share with us ;)

O Team Brasileiro Beautiful Motion Design for Nike

Eduardo Oliveira is a Motion Designer and Editor currently working at Wieden+Kennedy São Paulo. He has an amazing portfolio of motion design work and we would love to feature this project because I am from Brazil and of course it’s quite beautiful. I particular love the visual language mixing illustration and a sort of vintage look.

Art Direction & Motion for Watch 11 - Maxon Cinema 4D

Javier Tommasi is an art director & 3D Animator currently based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He shared on Behance, a lovely project for Watch 11 for which involved art direction and motion design. Using Maxon Cinema 4D, you just gotta appreciate the details on the lighting and textures. One more thing I do appreciate is the effects used to reflect on the character at hand. I think you will like it too.

Monday Motion Design Inspiration - Symbiose

Bring back another edition of our sometimes forgotten series, Monday Motion Design Inspiration, we are excited to feature the  project that Benjamin CROCHET shared on his Behance profile. Titled Symbiose, this project is a fictive AI device, creating and transmitting sounds by bone conduction to help user feel better. Shapes and colors graphically represent the current state/mental health of the user, and its evolution after using the device. 

Motion Design and Typography: Liquid Calligraphy

Ruslan Khasanov shared this amazing post that blend typography and motion design with the physics. The music is by Dmitry Evgrafov. The beauty of this project is in the organic transformations that the letters go through. Looking one by one it doesn't look that awesome but when you combine them to create words the result is very powerful. Take for example the word Art. It has so much depth and so much personality that it's hard to describe in words. 

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