Theory11 x James Bond Golden Card Deck

With the delayed James Bond No Time to Die movie that is coming soon enough to our streaming collection. We have been seeing cool imagery and obviously trailers. But nothing like what Russ Gray has shared, a talented illustrator based in Salt Lake City, UT, USA. A fun collaboration with Luke Bott from Mattson Creative who also collaborated on designing 5 of the face cards.

Fresh Illustration Style for Adobe LAT

Jorsh Peña  had the opportunity to collaborate with ADOBE LAT in a series of illustrations where he was able to use new tools and techniques for his work. There were 6 different illustrations that showed the result of this learning from depth to gradients, what we see is a super stylish set of illustrations with a very clean look but with a lot of character.

Modern Take of a Classic Book Cover

Mario De Meyer shared an incredible illustration work as for a book cover. He was approached by Penguin Books to design the cover for the Deluxe Edition of the American classic “The Great Gatsby”. The goal was to take the original design to the 21st century and make something very different, unique and beautiful with a modern twist.

Okane "Echoes of Japan" Illustration

I wanted to share this stunning illustration made in Cinema 4D by XEBIUS ++ aka Manuel Camino, a visual artist based in Málaga, Spain. It's a combination of a 3D model, some photo textures, and brushes together into this beautiful piece. "Echoes of Japan", that's how Manuel calls it. As usual, I really dig how you get to acknowledge some BTS, seeing the process is always inspiring on so many levels. That's why I thought it was worth it to share on abdz. and remembering some of my memories of Japan.

Library of Premieres Countdown Videos

Youtube commissioned My Name is Wendy Studio to create a motion design of 15’ for library of Premieres countdown videos. The video stages the journey and the adventures of a ball in an endless play, in a joyful way across colors and shapes.

Tierra Whack & Adobe Release New Coloring Book

Today Adobe is releasing a free coloring book, dubbed ‘W is for Whack,’ in collaboration with artist Tierra Whack to print at home or color digitally within your favorite Creative Cloud apps. Tierra Whack is all about stepping outside of her comfort zone to find her creative inspiration, and the coloring book is full of weird, “whacky” characters that anyone can color in fun and unique ways.

Red Envelopes - The Fortune Guardians Illustrations

On February 12, 2021, based on the Chinese lunisolar calendar. A vast quantity of people will be celebrating the 'Lunar New Year'. It's basically the new beginning of the calendar and it's worth celebrating its new cycle. This year gets a bit particular since we are still in the middle of a pandemic, obviously it changes the outcome somehow. But it doesn't mean you can't keep the traditions, they are important to educate and transcend the legacy to the younger ones.

3D Pokemon Art made with Cinema 4D

With all the time we have been spending home in confinement. I guess we all have our share of streaming and binging TV shows and movies. I recently watched Detective Pikachu and somehow have this new appreciation for these cute characters. For this new finding, let's take a look at these amazing 3D illustrations of Pokemon made with Cinema 4D, created by 이 형주 aka Studio Bugaboo based in Seoul, Korea.

Gradient Studies in Illustrator — Encore

Following on from the first Gradient Studies series created back in 2017 [covered in Case Study: Gradients in Illustrator:], Evgeniya Righini-Brand wanted to see how her style and approach had developed over the past few years, so she was excited to undertake the same challenge which this time she extended to 36 days of experimenting daily with a range of gradient-related techniques (which she subsequently covered in a new edition of a Skillshare class

Subtle Animated GIF Collection

Chen Wu shared a colorful collection of simple but awesome animations in an endless loop. They range from smoke, to shadows, all very subtle but quite well executed. Work like this give an even longer life for the GIF format, one of the few things that have really endured the test of time. Hold your 🔥

Microsoft 365 - The New Way 3D Illustration Series

Mathieu L.B and Matthieu Braccini have shared their collaboration project with Microsoft Design on the Office 365 Suite. They had the amazing task to produce a series of 3D illustrations and the results are mesmerizing. Kudos to Mathieu, Matthieu to take the time to share the process, BTS, and seeing the motion design both mixed in a delightful representation.

Architype Alphabet Poster

Johann Lucchini shared a really awesome project mixing architecture, illustration and typography. Titled Architype Alphabet Poster, this project explores a simple concept, combine typography and architecture to create a custom typeface. For each letter of the alphabet, Johann was inspired by a famous architect and one of its buildings.

Snapchat Sticker Collection by Scott Biersack

We have featured before Scott Biersack's work on creating 'sticker collection' for Snapchat on abdz. I think they are creative and bring a variety to the social platform. Scott is back with another collection for Snapchat and this time it's all about Sailor Jerry inspired tattoo designs and 70's psychedelic era. Check them out and if you are able to find them on Snapchat, that would be even more lovely.

Hands, Panels & Sequences Illustration by Toma Vagner

Toma Vagner is an artist and illustrator based in New York City. Born and raised in Russia, she came to NYC by herself at the age of 18, where she attended the School of Visual Arts. Shortly after graduation, she stared working with well-known companies, musicians and brands, including Harry Styles, The New York Times, The Atlantic, Bloomberg, LUSH, Bandcamp, Red Bull and Premier Guitar.

Godzilla King of Monsters Fiery Illustration

Yesterday they have unveiled the insane trailer for Godzilla vs. Kong movie that will be coming out in Spring. According to many, this is an anticipated movie that many have been waiting for years. One person has been pretty excited about this one and it's my oldest kid. To celebrate, I wanted to share this incredible "Godzilla King of Monsters' illustration by Bound to Glory.

A Simple Day Illustration Series

sedryung hong has shared this really cute illustrations titled 'A Simple Day' via his Behance profile. We can all agree that a 'global pandemic' comes with its hardships, especially with our day-to-day. That being said, I think there is also its good sides too, we get to spend more time with our own families or close relatives. Or if you have a partner, let's just say there are its ups and downs too haha.

Toronto Ink Hand-drawn Illustration

Thinking about Canada sometimes, especially remembering how big it was the country and its people obviously. When I stumbled across this hand-drawn illustration of the beautiful city of Toronto by Kathleen Fu, I just couldn't help to remember my home country. Kathleen is an illustrator, architectural/urban designer based in Toronto. I love this drawing and it's super detailed to its core. Her talented piece really showcases the density of the cityscape and I just couldn't imagine how long it took her to finish this drawing.

Mental Health Illustrations by Muhammed Sajid

I am not sure if this is for a project or personal illustration but I thought it would be nice to share on abdz. Titled 'Mental Health', we are taking a look at this illustrations series by Muhammed Sajid, a designer based in Bangalore, India. There isn't a well-fitted moment to speak about 'Mental Health' during a pandemic, I think it has affected all of us during the course of the last year alone. It's important to stay positive but also recognize the hardships whatever it is for your life, career, family, and even losses.

Aesthetic Illustrations made with Figma

Figma is a powerful, collaborative tool for interface design, prototyping, and more. Let's put an emphasis on the 'more' for this feature on abdz. Figma is recognized by the industry as a standard in terms of your stack of tools for the design process. Some talented individuals will push beyond its capabilities of what the things you can accomplish and Martin Bekerman's work is a great example of how far and how high you can push the tool.

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