Furniture Brand Modernica partnership with Autotype for Charity

We delightful to share this partnership between furniture iconic brand Modernica and Autotype. For more than 25 years, Modernica has been building beautiful furniture designs at its five-acre campus in Los Angeles. Family-owned and operated, the furniture brand is pleased to announce an exclusive charity in partnership with Autotype to benefit design students.

Furniture Design: Neal Feay's Cloth Console made of Aluminum

We are showcasing the absolute unique work from Neal Feay who for 70 years has been creating housings for high-end electronic components. Behind Neal Feay, introducing three generations of expertise in crafting their first limited-edition piece ahead of the Holiday season. Let us present their latest pinnacle of Aluminium mastery, available in variant colors, 25 signed and dated pieces will be made available until year end from the coastal California company headed by designer Alex Rasmussen.

Armstrong Light Trap

I am a fan of industrial design, especially for small objects and in particular lamps or anything related to lighting and lighting effects. I don't know why but it's just the contrast between bright and dark, the shadows the reflections... Armstrong is a project that epitomizes just this and is in a word, beautiful. Check out "light trap" here. Below you can see some images of this beautiful piece of design. It was conceived by Constantin Bolimond and Maxin Ali.

Smith Wooden Custom Built Furniture in 3D

The level of realism in some 3D compositions is simply mind boggling, case in point, design studio 4eFergovi's 3D illustration for Smith Wooden Custom Built Furniture. The realism is insanity, for a few minutes I truly thought it was legit and for that reason, we're excited to share with our readers here on Abduzeedo. I'm still convinced it is real but check out yourself and get inspired. 4eFergovi is a design studio located in Sao Paulo, Brazil. They are specialized in Art Direction, 3D and Graphic Design.

The Eames Lounge Chair: An Icon of Modern Design - Book

The book suggestion of this week is titled The Eames Lounge Chair: An Icon of Modern Design by Martin Eidelberg, Thomas Hine, Pat Kirkham, David A. Hanks and C. Ford Peatross. The book is about one of the most iconic modernist chairs, The Eames LC.

Beautiful Lamps by Martinelli Luce

Lamps are a great piece of furniture and I really love them! I believe that by having a beautiful lamp in a room you can actually give it a unique look. From retro, modern or clean designs, there are tons of models for you to choose from to give your place an unique touch. Browsing around checking some lamps (yes, I like to do that), I found some beautifully designed ones from Martinelli Luce and decided to share them here with you. These are really beautiful pieces that for sure can give your place a nice touch!

20 Awesome Chair Designs

Do you pay attention to the design of what you sitting on right now? Provably not as much as you would if you had a chair from this list. Designed by creative minds these chair designs are totally awesome!

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