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Editorial Design Inspiration - Printed Portfolio

Ognjen Gligorijevic shared a beautiful post on Behance, it was a printed version of his portfolio featuring work from 2019-2020. That’s what I understood, the reality is that it doesn’t matter what it is, it’s just a great example of editorial design and presentation. For some reason seeing this project makes me uneasy because it brings me back memories of when I was starting out my career, when we had to have a printed portfolio and mine sucked :)

Editorial Design - Buildings with Cour d’honneur in Budapest

Anna Bárdy shared a beautiful editorial design project titled Buildings with cour d’honneur in Budapest (Franciaudvaros bérházak Budapesten). The book is the result of a massive research of 7 years. As described by Anna: “We can explore a less known chapter of the history of the Hungarian capital’s architecture of the first decades of the 20th century in more than 400 pages accompanied by spectacular imagery.” - For me even better than the photos is the simple and elegant editorial design. 

TIDE MAGAZINE ISSUE 0 Editorial Design

Studio Vicente Granger shared an inspiring editorial design project for TIDE MAGAZINE ISSUE 0. Everything here looks amazing in my humble opinion. The overall use of whitespace, the tight leading, the black and white theme. This is one of the projects that makes me want to redesign the blog, again 

Editorial Design for Lubomir Toaszewski Exhibit

ELIPSY ̉ shared an awesome editorial design project in addition to a full design work for the Lubomir Toaszewski Exhibit, at least that is my interpretation of it. Even if I am wrong I am a fan of the editorial pieces created and shared on this project. The clever use of layers and colors with crips typography work always have a special place in my heart and here on abdz.

Typorigami Calendar 2021 by De-form.hu

De-form.hu shared an incredible printed calendar for 2021 titled Typorigami Calendar 2021. The name says it all, it mixes typography and origami. De-form designers shared a bit of the motivation behind the design saying that this year all of us have struggled a lot with Covid-19. In many people's lives, the pandemic caused a lack of work, financial issues, physical or mental health problems, or total social isolation. “We try to be optimistic but know, we should be patient in this situation.

Bruch Idee Form - Editorial Design

The amazing people at Bruch Idee & Form love print — so it was quite obvious to summarize the studios work from the past 5 years in something that he can put in their shelves and hand it proudly to their clients and potential ones. This is not a typical portfolio book, it is more a book of elements. The various elements that create the brand or the distinctive approach for each project. Breaking things apart is crucial to our workflow and it perfectly relates to the studios name “Bruch”.

Editorial Design : New Brutalism Controversial Concrete

Tim Tijink shared a personal editorial design and graphic design project titled New Brutalism: Controversial Concrete. This self initiated project explores, researches and designs with and around the concrete structures of the architectural movement called New Brutalism, which emerged during the 1950s and currently finds itself in a critical time.

Subliminal Editorial Design

Lyne Ea shared a beautiful editorial design project titled Subliminal. Cognitive sciences bring together a set of scientific disciplines dedicated to the description, explanation and simulation of the mechanisms of human thought. The subliminal revue is interested in many phenomena such as perception, intelligence, language or emotion through the prism of cognitive sciences and the different disciplines that make it up, thus combining a variety of articles offering the reader a less scientific but more open approach.

Web Editorial Design for Online Store

Broklin Onjei and the Creative Invention Studio shared a web design project they created for an online fashion store and lifestyle blog for women who love and vibe with the culture of orange colour products. This project exemplifies for me what web design is today. Grid system, highly editorial and responsive. If you think about it, to make all these variables work in harmony is a big deal and it will be used as reference for the future versions of abdz.

Gendhis Goods Catalog 2020 - Editorial Design

Fraktal, Anas Kautsar, Adji Herdanto and Akronim shared an editorial project they created for Gendhis Goods, a local Surabaya brand that sells kitchen utensils and tableware products that are made from teak root in Indonesia (I believe). - In 2020, they want to refresh their look by producing a new catalog with a new photo direction.

Beautiful Editorial Design for Anonymous Book

Although the world is becoming more digital, it’s still nice to receive something in the mail that you can hold in your hands. I couldn't agree more with that statement.  Anonymous Singapore made a book containing a selection of their work for potential clients. They also made that a case study of beautiful editorial design worth of being featured here on the blog. You can request  a copy on their website - I believe.

Editorial Design Inspiration - McGrath

M35 shared a stylish editorial design project for the McGrath Report. The Australian real estate market is one of the most competitive in the world. To help make sense of it all, The McGrath Report is an annual, future trends publication rich in market analysis, insights and data. M35 was commissioned to help redesign the publication, bringing meaning to the complex data, and creating a platform that builds McGrath’s authority and thought leadership.

Revista Piauí Quarantine - Editorial and Motion Design

Revista Piauí is an awesome Brazilian magazine with a beautiful editorial design. Arthur Moura and Manoel Michael shared the work they did for the COVID-19 edition focused on the challenges and problems of the quarantine and also the impact of COVID-19 in the world. 

Editorial Design Inspiration – Debate

Juliana Christmann and Moritz Büsselberg shared an awesome editorial design project featuring magazine spreads very well designed using a classic grid system. I mentioned before and I will keep saying it, this type of work for me is what inspires me the most. 

Units Research Review interdisciplinary trip around tech emotions

What if we took another look at technology? Rather than trying to understand how it works, Units Research Review sets out to discover what it feels like to be around it, from fascination to abandonment or devotion.  Units is a Paris-based design studio, specialized around technological issues. From neurosurgical micro-robots to festive machines to connected objects, the studio's practice is anchored in the analysis and formalization of new technologies.

Editorial and Web Design for LAT Magazine

A new print and digital magazine designed by Blok Design, LAT Magazine is the means by which we connect many viewpoints, perspectives, cultures, stigmas and non-stigmas in a conversation that extends to our everyday life they describe this project. LAT provides space to converse about issues that are relevant to us at this time -- about art, personal journeys and exploration, amnesty, equality, sex, self-love, and perseverance. 

Slanted Magazine #35—L.A

Los Angeles is the opposite of our old metropolises. The sprawling multi-dimensionality is alien, and for many, gets on our nerves: the tangled network of highways and the constant driving around, the emphasized nonchalance and never ending optimism of everyone, the sunny weather, the ingenious modernist architecture, the film industry, the tourists and the shitty art museums ... perhaps, just perhaps everything about this city gets on our nerves. Despite, or maybe because of all of this, L.A. is a fucking awesome city, both in the Biblical sense and the slang sense. 

The Beauty of Editorial Design - NNU Magazine

Editorial design is the most inspiring area of design in my opinion. I know it’s a bold statement and totally based on personal opinion. I just feel that there’s an intrinsic beauty in typography and imagery with the primary goall of communicating something. NNU Magazine Issue No 11 highlights this point really well thanks to the awesome post shared by Mark Brooks. The contrast of font sizes, the grid, the colors. I could spend hours talking about this project alone.

Simplicity in Design at its best with B+W

Simplicity is the biggest challenge for any designer. Well, at least it’s for me as I constantly battle to find ways to reduce elements, colors and pretty much anything without sacrificing usability. That’s why it’s difficult, however for some people it seems a bit easier, or they make it look easier, which highlights their talent. Ryan Anthony Ward is one of these designers and the B+W editorial design project he shared really illustrates that quite well. It’s pure typography and beautiful simplicity.

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