Reach Branding and Packaging Design

Kati Forner shared a super stylish branding and packaging design for Reach. The whole project is simply beautiful. The color palette, the typography and layout, it’s hard to point at any flaw on the presentation of the work. Truly inspiring. For more information make sure to check out more work from Kati Former at

Branding and Visual Identity for NI FU NI FA COLLECTIVE

MUY MUY® shared a branding, editorial design and app design project for NI FU NI FA COLLECTIVE, a multidisciplinary creative collective showcasing works from all over the globe.  The identity design itself thrives in ambiguity and contrast, primarily due to the striking red color that engulfs every application of the brand.  The ultra minimalist logotype alongside sans serif typography and imagery, echo the collective intentions of having a strong visual l

Civil Branding and Visual Identity

Mayra Monobe shared a branding and visual identity project for Civil. As she described it, our lives change with time, so why not our furniture? Civil is a New York based furniture brand with Scandinavian roots and a desire to change the status quo by producing modular furniture that evolves with time. Made for city livers and lovers by recognized designers, the brand marries high-end design with direct-to-consumer convenience.

Branding and Visual Identity for Eko Trädvård

Ville Oké created the branding and visual identity for Eko Trädvård (Eco Treecare),an arborist in the southern parts of Sweden offering felling and pruning services in accordance with the highest standards of safety. The identity was based on the idea of a medical cross that also resembles a tree with one branch cut off. The cut-off shape became a simple visual tool that is used in pictograms, patterns, typography and color.

Brokian Branding and Visual Identity

Rowen™ Brand Agency shared a colorful branding and visual identity work for Brokian a real estate company that uses AI to boost business and the customer experience in addition to improve the productivity of their business. 

Mostra de Arte da Juventude Branding and Visual Identity

In 2019, the MAJ (Youth Art Exhibition) celebrated its 30th anniversary and Sesc invited Polar to develop the project’s new logo, as well as the branding, visual identity, and signage of the commemorative edition. Following the format of traditional art salons, the exhibition sheds light on contemporary young art production. Currently, it is one of the main cultural events in the interior of the state of São Paulo and places the city of Ribeirão Preto on the Brazilian’s visual arts map.

Digital Stack Branding and Visual Identity

Motherbird shared a branding and visual identity for Digital Stack, a leading marketing and brand management platform for franchise and multi-location businesses, Digital Stack has undergone a transformative evolution and growth of their services and audiences. With this came the opportunity to clear the stack and redefine the company through a new brand position, strategy and identity that reflects the expertise, empowerment and value they deliver to their clients.

CROI Modern Furniture Branding and Visual Identity

DESAI, a designer based in Hanoi, Vietnam shared a branding and visual identity project for a modern furniture company called CROI. The work is simple and elegant. It translates the upscale and modern aesthetic expected for this particular type of furniture. I also like the fact that DESAI used just black and white for the colors. Like I’ve been trying to do with :)

Aero Branding and Visual Identity Refresh

Oddone Brand Studio shared another incredible branding project on their Behance. This one is for the air travel company Aero. Aero offers seamless travel experiences with direct first-class flights via private terminals.  Oddone was invited by Aero to evolve its visual identity. The goal of the collaboration was to enhance the perception of luxury and refinement while maintaining the brand's warm feel. The solution features a minimal and carefully crafted system that flexes across a wide array of brand touch points.

DINAMITE Brand Identity and Packaging Design

327 creative studio shared a very elegant branding and packaging design for a an unique sparkling wine collection, from the clay-limestone soils of Bairrada, Portugal. With a distinctive and bold identity, the concept of this 3 bottle edition, comes from its own name - Dinamite. 

Launchlabs Branding and Visual Identity

Redesigning is in the DNA of "launchlabs". So in 2019, when the studio became part of the international launchlabs brand, they also did some redesigning. And they went all in - redesigning their positioning, their business strategy and the brand. 

Inredningskurser Brand Identity & Web Design is an e-learning platform for Nordic/Scandinavian interior design. Lucas Olsson was responsible for the branding, more precisely, creating a new brand identity and a fully working web design. For Lucas, from his own words, it's been a great journey to work on this brand and develop that Scandinavian style. To make everything consistent and to keep my head clear I sat up some Design principles. Some of them are;

HALO by Swissotel Branding and Visual Identity

Sharmaine Zuidgeest, Andrew Millington, Liger Pham, Matt Millard and PurpleAsia ® shared a beautiful branding and visual identity project for Swissotel. Drawing inspiration from Manila’s Bar 360 and Raffles Singapore, Halo is a circular entertainment bar with high-end cocktails and bites.

Branding Project for The High Museum

Yeseul Oh shared the super elegant branding project she created for the The High Museum. Located in Atlanta, The High Museum is the leading art museum in the Southeastern United States. Its permanent collection includes modern and contemporary art. The graphics are based on the main building of the museum. Graphic shapes are discovered from it from different point of views, since it looks like a group of small unique shaped buildings.

Zuno Tea Branding and Visual Identity

Odecraft Studio shared a new branding and visual identity project on their Behance. Featuring bold typography and color the work for Zuno Tea is fresh but not trendy. I especially love the take on the Swiss style with some different treatments for the start/geometric look. 

Curitiba Coral Branding and Visual Identity shared a beautiful branding and visual identity for Curitiba Coral. In an environment where communication materials tend to be outdated and little inventive, Curitiba Choir sought a new identity designed towards a young audience (15-35) that would be bold, contemporary and relevant. With clear goals to be reached, we developed a visual system based on a concise symbol, vivid color gradients alongside a clean and direct typography.

Branding and Visual Identity for 6A

The Lab Saigon and Andree Nguyen shared an awesome branding and visual identity for 6A, an architecture firm with a personal, but indistinctive name. (It's a reference to the street address of their first office.) We designed the identity to embody a bigger meaning for the firm, and highlight the founders’ lighthearted personality into an otherwise serious field. The word mark system is modular by design, mirroring the 6A's multidisciplinary approach.

Elegant Branding & Visual Identity for IP&P

The amazing designers over at shared an elegant branding and visual identity project they created for IP&P. Founded in 1985, IP&P provides legal services mainly in the corporate, tax, estate planning and real estate areas. We were engaged to help them revitalize their brand.

Branding and Visual Identity for DUGA

Pavel Emelyanov and Comence Studio shared a branding and visual identity project they created for DUGA, an interior design and architecture studio based in St. Petersburg. Their process is based on two core principles: relevance to the content of time and the environment. Versatility and flexibility of working process allow us to release projects with varying levels of complexity with consistent high quality. 

Petal Branding and Visual Identity

Vineeth TP shared a really simple but, in my opinion, quite beautiful branding and visual identity for Petal, a new kind of credit card company determined to take credit into the future. It is designed to help people build credit and spend responsibly. What I love about Vineeth was the way he designed the cards. They look like Pantone colors. The magnetic stripe also blends to the edges. It feels quite unique.

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