Swiss Style Inspired Branding and Visual Identity

Mehman Mammedov shared a concept project that uses the Swiss style (got me right there) and one of the best Swiss fonts, the Suisse swiss type. The project shows how convenient the logo style is with short solutions. Logo style: offers a successful brand identity solution for many technologies such as fan, watch, thermometer and scale.

Clear Typography and Playful Use of the Grid for Favilla Studio Brand

Gabriel Dzieslaw shared one of those branding and visual identity projects that made me jealous because of how awesome it is. It was created for Favilla Studio, a Danish design company exploring sustainable and unique solutions. It has distinguished itself by a playful approach and use of exclusive upcycled materials.

True North Elegant Brand and Visual Identity

True North is a company designed to help guide potential investors through the property market, based in various geographic locations. They offer professional, unbiased advice, bolstered by complete transparency following an open-book approach. Your interest is True North’s priority and the main goal of their work. That was the brief given to Bous Studio to develop their new brand and visual identity. 

Branding for the 25 Years of Medina Turgul DDB

Kaan Iscan wanted to create a new brand and visual identity that represented everyone who has been a part of Medina Turgul DDB over the past 25 years. To accomplish this, they gathered the data of over 1700 employees past and present. Some who had worked for only 1 month, some for over 10 years. The data was then arranged according to time spent and also department. This way, each colored bar represented a different and unique employee. The ultimate goal, to make their 25th anniversary celebration more meaningful for all their employees.

Branding and Visual Identity for Pure Luxe Magazine

Pure Luxe is a daily online and biannual print magazine covering luxury lifestyle. The branding and art direction is simply beautiful and the designer behind it is Lucas Berghoef After three years the brand sits among the most visited Dutch sources for inspiration in the areas of luxury living, cars, yachts and private jets, among other high-end culture. Lucas Berghoef created the new logo and visual identity for Pure Luxe to further develop the brands sophisticated style. 

Hykavy Stylish Personal Rebrading

José Augusto Hykavy really went above and beyond with his personal brand redesign. The colors for me are simply fantastic. His goal behind this project was to not be just a symbol or monogram, but a complete and striking identity that could be recognized and applied anywhere. José Augusto Designer — extensive and with little personality — I changed to my surname, HYKAVY, it reads "hikavi", of Ukrainian origin and has no specific meaning, it was given as a physiological characteristic.

Sci-fi & Cyberpunk inspired Branding for Paradigmal

Sabbath Studio is a branding studio based Monterrey, Mexico. They shared a branding project wholly inspired by Dystopian Futures, Cyberpunk, Sci-fi / Neo-noir Cult Films & Anime themed aesthetics by client request. Let's just mention that again: 'by client request'. This is so cool and the result is just perfect and true representation of that cult era that we dearly love.

Branding & Visual Identity for Breadfast

Mohamed Samir share a branding and visual identity project for Breadfast, a one-stop shop for bakeries, groceries, fruits and veggies. The fast growing Egyptian brand reached out to them to help the team with the brand vision, positioning and a fresh visual identity.  We helped the team develop a visual design system that was driven from a strategy focusing on making a light and happy brand spirit. All the brand ingredients from colours, illustrations and typography came together to support the brand vision.

Minimalist & Timeless Branding + Packaging Design of Sydney Juice Bar

Aleksandra Iakimchuk shared a beautiful branding and packaging design project for Sydney Juice Bar. I am not that fun of juices to be honest but with a design like this one that Aleksandra created I would be more than inspired to have a few of those a day, at least just to enjoy the simplicity of a clear and elegant typography. No splashes or cheesy images of flying fruits, just good old black text over white label. 

Unique Branding & Packaging Design for Volume Portable Cocktail

Yura Park and Ching-Fa Lung shared a quite unique branding, packaging design and visual design project for Volume. Volume a portable cocktail experience. The name for this brand was inspired by alcohol by volume(ABV). Alcohol by volume is a standard measure of how much alcohol is contained in a given amount of an alcoholic beverage.

Elegant Branding and Visual Identity for August

The folks over at Carla have created a quite elegant branding and visual identity project for August, a skin care product based in New York. Having good skin is worth its weight in gold, but not at the cost of our own sanity. It’s important to question ourselves as to why we engage in these behaviors and prompts us to question the pressure that the beauty industry instills in all of us. Whether we are actually engaging in an effort to practice self-care, or succumbing to the beauty industries pressures of what ‘we should be doing with our skin’.

Colorful Branding and Visual Identity for G7 Group

David Silva shared a colorful branding and visual identity he created for the G7 Group in Brazil. The Group G7is part of Semesp Corporate University network, which aims to train and qualify professionals from higher education institutions, disseminating knowledge, techniques and values ​​considered fundamental to the success of higher education in Brazil.

Branding and Visual Identity Shorty’s Coffee

The Colour Club, a full service creative studio based in the United Kingdom and Australia, shared a simple, yet elegant branding and visual identity for Shorty's a coffee shop in in Randwick. Shorty’s is a go-to local serving up quality coffee and food. In naming and developing the brand they took inspiration from the 6’6” owner, tweaking a tall typeface and pairing it with a set of lanky legs to illustrate the morning coffee run.

FUSE Create Rebranding

Having developed FUSE Marketing Group’s visual identity years ago, the team approached Jacknife to help reinvigorate their identity once again. This time, they were merging two distinct brands offering advertising and experiential into a cohesive offering under a new name: FUSE Create. The ask was to develop a clever system that captured their channel-agnostic approach and ‘creative first’ mindset in a way that would “turn heads”—just as they do for their own clients.

Visual identity for French Ministry of Culture

Graphéine is a brand design agency based in Paris, France. They have shared through via their Behance, the new visual identity for the French Ministry of Culture. The Ministry's logo was initially designed back in 1989 by Pippo Lionni and later in 1999, the logo of the French Republic was added.

Cortex Bar Branding and Visual Identity by FatFaceStudio

FatFaceStudio shared an awesome branding and visual identity project for event producers from my hometown. Here’s how the awesome folks over at FatFaceStudio tell the story: When a duo of event producers from Porto Alegre, Brazil decided to open a new venue to celebrate the music from the good, not-so-old days of the early 2000's, they named it Cortex – the part of the brain responsible for, among other things, storing memories.

Ted Oliver Personal Brand Identity

Since Tiago Souza Oliveira aka. Ted Oliver a  was a child he has always been in constant contact with art, mainly due to the experience of nuclei, curves and forms of architecture/culture in Pirenópolis, the city where he was born and grew up. After positioning himself professionally as an art director, he had the need to create an identity for his personal brand and improve my online presence.

Branding and Visual Identity for Energy Company

Andstudio . shared a beautiful branding and visual design project for Ignitis, an international energy group, uniting over 20 companies and operating across the Baltics, Poland and Finland.  It turned to us for a brand identity that would stand the test of time and unite all of the company’s ventures under a cohesive brand. 

Surprising and Unexpected Branding for OOKLOK

Giovanni Bordé, Dareen Taji and Tonic International Dubai shared a branding and visual identity project they created for OOKLOK, an online and digital service booking company in Dubai aiming to make people's lives easier by connecting them with a wide range of services in one platform. Their main users are busy tech savvy millennials with very little time for a break in their schedule.

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