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Pause, Breathe and Grow, a book by Radim Malinic

It's nonetheless to say that 2020 has been a hard year for all of us, this global pandemic has touched every single one of us somehow. I think we all have established somehow some ways how to cope with this 'situation'.

Neon Waves Wallpaper Pack

Let's kick off this week with a change...of wallpaper! I think we all have witnessed a historic moment this past weekend. It's always a good moment to change your wallpaper at the beginning of the week, to help you with that.

iPhone 12 & MacBook Pro Mockups

It's that time of the year, Apple has wrapped up their 'One more thing' event which kind of wrap up the end of the year in terms of releasing new products.

Alfa Bank iOS App Design Concept

We are sharing the an iOS concept of the Alfa Bank on iOS designed by Mihail Grinchuk, a digital product designer based on Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation.

AIRPORTS - an Aerial Photo Book

We would like to share another photo book titled 'Airports' by the mighty Tom Hegen who is an aerial photographer based in Munich, Germany.

Fifth Element's inspired ad for Puma RS2K

A throwback from the late 90s with this collaborative project for Puma. Exploring these past aesthetics through motion design, art direction, and pure nostalgia! After watching the ad campaign, for who you will remember.

Masqué Display & Headline Typeface

Under the name of kissmiklos, he is a designer and visual artist based in Budapest, Hungary. He shared a typeface he designed entitled: 'Masqué' which is a font family inspired by the 'Didot font'.

Sublime 3D Illustrations by Cris Labno

Cris Labno is a multidisciplinary designer & art director based in Tarnów, Poland. He has shared such a beautiful 3D series of illustrations that just couldn't go overlooked.

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