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Osore: Sararīman Lightroom Presets


Osore: Sararīman Adobe Lightroom Presets, launching with four presets fully customizable for Desktop and Mobile. A little backstory? During our escapade in Japan, I became really fascinated with "The Salaryman". In definition, it's an employee (mostly male) wearing a white-collar shirt who would earn his "salary" based on individual abilities rather than on seniority. With this fascination in mind, it became a mission for me to wander the streets of Japan in search of the Sararīman. 

Being inspired by the world of megacorporations and the off-world of Cyberpunk, I decided to create the series named: Osore. Which means "Fear" and for this instance, it could produce more than one meaning particularly if you think of "karōshi" where it means "Death from Overwork". This undivided culture became an attractive display for me where at night, I would wander the streets of every city we visited and searching for the Sararīman.

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