Glowing, Glowing, Gone - Raising awareness to save coral reefs

Our friends are Adobe has announced a very good announcement to raise awareness to save coral reefs. Revealed as a global campaign titled: “Glowing Glowing Gone", advocating action by highlighting the global danger related to fluorescing corals. Let's take a look of what Pantone Color Institute and Adobe have in store through their new initiatives.

Pantone and Adobe join forces with top conservation organizations to announce the first ever collection of customized colors to inspire ocean conservation and climate action.

Glowing, Glowing, Gone - Raising awareness to save coral reefs

Coral reefs are a vital part of marine life, supporting over a quarter of all life under the sea, and they are in peril. Adobe Stock is partnering with the Pantone Color Institute and nonprofit organization (and exclusive Adobe Stock contributor) The Ocean Agency on a campaign called Glowing, Glowing, Gone to raise awareness and support necessary to save coral reefs.

Glowing, Glowing, Gone - Raising awareness to save coral reefsGlowing, Glowing, Gone - Raising awareness to save coral reefsGlowing, Glowing, Gone - Raising awareness to save coral reefs

To bring awareness of the dire circumstances of coral to surface level, we collaborated with the Pantone Color Institute and The Ocean Agency to capture the exact hues of coral fluorescence: PANTONE Glowing Yellow, PANTONE Glowing Blue, and PANTONE Glowing Purple.

With Adobe Color’s powerful color engine, we extracted the specific fluorescing LAB values from The Ocean Agency’s images on Adobe Stock and converted them to RGB. In collaboration with Pantone, we turned these digital values into Pantone Color Standards, and selected the custom palette that would ultimately become the colors of climate change. Following in the footsteps of Living Coral, Glowing Yellow, Glowing Blue, and Glowing Purple beckon citizens of the world to recognize Earth’s major ecosystems in peril.

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About the Ocean Agency

The Ocean Agency is an unconventional nonprofit that uses the combination of creativity, technology and powerful partnerships to accelerate ocean science and conservation action. The Ocean Agency's work has included taking Google Street View underwater, developing the most comprehensive visual survey of coral reefs ever conducted (XL Catlin Seaview Survey), revealing the coral reef crisis in the Emmy Award-winning Netflix Original Documentary Chasing Coral, and developing a global plan for targeting coral reef conservation action called 50 Reefs.

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