Typography Explorations for Posters by Fatih Hardal 

Fatih Hardal shared a really cool personal project on his Behance profile. The idea was to create posters where the main goal was to experiment with typography with colors, textures and simple effects like blur and burn effects. The result is a series of quite stylish posters that are definitely worth checking out.

Typography and Motion Design for 36 Days of Type

We here over at Abduzeedo are fans of the 36 Days of Type typography challenge. We have been posting some of our favorite entries and every time we do we tend to say that it was the coolest. Which is not an overstatement. The problem is that the next day we go and find another entry as cool or even cooler than the previous one. In reality, that's far from a problem. It's just amazing to see how much creativity is out there and the design community is as prolific as never before.

Typography: Drops from the Head by Leonardoworx LWX

There we go again, yes, it's another awesome typography post on ways to create an unique interpretation of the 27 letters of the alphabet. This time Leonardoworx LWX shared a his version which he titled the Drops from the Head. The project is a research about letters made almost day by day, when he felt inspired, in occasion of the last 36 Days of type edition. Yes, some letters are missing, but my focus wasn't to make the complete alphabet, but to create what i had in mind at the moment :)

The Artphabet: a Tribute to Art and Typography

Last week I shared a beautiful typography post on an alphabet that mixed 3D and cartoon effects. I mentioned that it was very unique amongst so many of these types of exercises. So for my surprise today I found yet another amazing post on the same topic. This time the good people from CESS ™ took the challenge and raised the bar even higher. They created an alphabet inspired by famous artists. Each letter representing one and the style that made the artist famous.

Typography: Letter Jam the Tooned Alphabet

I have seen and feature so many posts on custom made alphabets. These typography experiments and explorations ranged from awesome 3D to very contemporary graphic design ideas. I am always amazed with the level of creativity, especially when you have to scale an idea to 26+ characters. FOREAL® Studio set the bar even higher now by exploring yet another great idea. They merged cartoon style illustrations with some 3D types to create an unique effect. It's the type of design that keeps bringing back some good old feelings. 

Typographic Illustration for ESPN NEXT

Andrew Footit recently had the privilege to work with ESPN The Magazine on their NEXT Feature. The project included a typographic Intro Illustration a flat logotype of the Intro type and some custom letters which later turned into a font. The feature is about up coming and young star athletes, the next stars of their specific sports. The intro piece needed to have a futuristic feel to it so we used 3D type with LED styled lighting inner strips.

Digital Natives Mural by Ben Johnston

We would love to share some of the recent work from our good friend Ben Johnston who is a designer & letterer from Toronto, Ontario. It's always an inspiration to see what Ben is working on and quite impressive as well. We are taking a look at this mural for Digital Natives, what is so cool about this piece is the text effect expressed which is some kind of a distortion that for us would be quite a good jam on Photoshop. But imagine on a mural? The result is just stunning, props to Ben!

Nike Air Max 270 Illustration & Typography

Happy Friday guys! Already the end of the week and hope your week went pretty well. We are cooking with the idea for keeping Fridays entirely for you guys, we would pick projects that we have received from our community through Facebook or Instagram and feature them on ABDZ. Let's start it off with the work of Wes L Cockx who is a 3D illustrator based in Brussels, Belgium.

Gelion is a Sans Serif Typeface with a Geometric Touch

Letter Omega shared an awesome post about their new typeface. Gelion is a Sans serif with a geometric touch with a minimal contrast of strokes, inspired by Futura, Avant Garde, Avenir and neo-grotesque Akzidenz-Grotesk, Helvetica form remaining true to the gracefully geometric look of the early 20th-century typefaces, that ticks off a long list of branding requirements. With seven weights, and a clean italic carefully crafted slanted 8 degrees.

Breathtaking Canvas Abstract Calligraphy

Let's give a closer look at the stunning work of Jimmy Alcala, he is a visual artist into modern calligraphy based in Marseille, France. Let's take a moment and admire his stylish abstract calligraphy on a canvas. It's quite unique in his genre and you just gotta appreciate the talent and also patience. You should definitely check out his Behance for more of his projects.

Nazare Typeface Design by Natanael Gama

It all started with a Portuguese soap packaging from the first half of the 20th Century. The 5 uppercase letters that spell NAZARÉ were sufficient to drive the creation of this typeface design. Created by Natanael Gama, Nazaré fits in a semi-serif category and has a large contrast. It works outstandingly in display use specially in the bolder weights that have even more contrast. The regular weights have a more moderate contrast and an overall less extravagant design, fitting best in the typographical conventions.

Typography: 36 Days of Type by TJ Nicklin

I always admire those that challenge themselves to daily activities like taking a photo a day, or design something different every day. It seems simple at first, however, like everything in life, the closest you get to the realization of something, the more difficult things become. I believe it does that to naturally select those that have real passion for the others. For this post I'd love to share the typography work that TJ Nicklin created titled 36 DAYS OF TYPE. The style and quality of the illustrations is just top notch. 

Elegant Editorial Design Project: Cities and Names

Anastasia Genkina is a designer from Moscow, Russia and she share a quite elegant typography and editorial design on her Behance profile. It was created by students during the Editorial Design course at the Porto Design Summer School. We always love and support these types of projects. Make sure to check it out after the break.

Beautiful Braun-like Style 3D Typography

There are some projects that are simply hard to describe how awesome they are. The Classic. Typefaces by Particle (Gao Yang) is one of those memorable 3D and typography posts. It is simply an alphabet but it's created by using classic examples of industrial design, quite a few from Braun. The result is quite awesome, from calculator to toothbrush you will find all sorts of familiar objects there. I love the simplicity and how clean it feels. Check out after the break.

Typography: England's 2018 World Cup kit

In a few months it will all start again. It's World Cup time and it's always exciting for the soccer or football fans out there like myself. Craig Ward is even more excited because he was asked to to create a custom typeface for England's 2018 World Cup kit. Commissioned by Nike, the type was modeled in 3D to feature the St George's cross and create a dynamic, twisting design which features inline, outline and fill weights along with a complementary numeral se for use at larger sizes.

Typeface Design: Roxborough a Beautiful Serif Font

We haven't posted about typeface design for quite a long time, so it's time to change that. Today we feature the Roxborough typeface created and shared by Connary Fagen. The design is a dramatic, voguish serif, influenced by calligraphy and hand lettering. Rich, open construction – built around a distinctive single-storey “a” – pairs nicely with the stylized, expressive italics.

D'outros Tipos: Graffiti and Typography Magic by João Pereira

Happy Friday, all! We're delighted to feature this charming street art project perfectly blending two passion areas of the talented João Pereira dubbed D’outros Tipos. Lisbon-based Pereira began working on this artistic project in 2017 with a focus of merging together two of his creative passions: graffiti and typography. The end result, a mural inspired by the great Alphaville song "Forever Young." The message conveyed is visually strong and is a spot on representation of Pereira's optimistic mindset.

3D Type Collection 1 (2017) by ILOVEDUST

It's almost the end of 2017, many of us including myself will be working at putting together our favourite and best work of the year to showcase. It's a cool practice since you are closing and re-arranging your files before the holidays. Also doing some cleaning for the upcoming new year and start fresh. We are taking a look at this year's collection by ILOVEDUST on their favourite 3D type projects from commercial, promotions and pitch-based.

Awesome 80s Typography with The Sonnyfive

I am a fan of the 80s, I believe everybody must know by now but it's always good to remind you all about that. It explains why I will always post anything that reminds me of that decade, especially typography. That is the case of The Sonnyfive typeface created and shared by Sándor Szalay on his Behance profile. It reminds me of the James White font that we featured years back but a bit more aggressive. I also like the posters that Sandor create to showcase the usage of the typeface. Quite inspiring.

Typography: Inktober Challenge in Expressive Kufic

This project has been dated from 2016 but it's never too late to feature awesome challenges. We are following the work of Cairo-based typographer Ehab Elhamzawy on his Inktober Challenge. He had to challenge himself and create 31 different versions of the word "INKTOBER" in expressive kufic in results of the everyday feeling. It's quite impressive and I am sure it wasn't an easy task. Let's check them out!

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