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Motion Design: Why Incompetent People Think They're Amazing

The WWW (Wonderful Women at Wednesday Studio) invited Eze Matteo to collaborate animating some bits of this piece for Ted that explains why incompetent people think they’re amazing. It's a quite awesome piece of motion design and illustration.

Motion Design - Okomito Animated Typeface

It's time for our Motion Design Monday. Today we bring to you a beautiful animation titled Okomito with the type design created by Hanken Design Co and the animation and illustrations by Jesper Bolther.

Motion Graphics for the full CG Animated Short Film Other Side

Other side is a motion graphics project created and shared by Thom Haig, Ondrej Zunka, Tom Stratford, Ben Watts and Gordon Spurs on their Behance profile pages. Inspired by recent paradigm shifts in global politics, Other Side is a full CG-animated short film exploring the increasing divide between social groups and ideologies.

Motion & Set Design: 2047 Apologue - Weaving Maсhine

2047 Apologue is a show by the Chinese director and visionary–Zhang Yimou. Presented on last June at the National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA) in Beijing. We follow the work from Radugadesign about their involvement in motion and set design. I love how the concepts comes to live following the incredible vision and direction from Zhang Yimou. Check out the video as well, it's well worth it.

Motion Design Behind the Short Film Epic Fail

The short film and video art Epic Fail is a really cool motion design project created and shared by Greg Barth on his Behance profile. It is an avant-garde essay that questions how we perceive truth, information and politics, seen through the dual lenses of our real and virtual identities.  Moved by the political events that shook 2016, the film is inspired by Jean Paul Sartre’s “Nausea”; or how we can develop visual embodiments of our emotions as a catharsis on how to deal with reality.

Motion Design Awesomeness for Bravo China

Bravo China is a motion design and brand identity project created and shared by Donerzozo on Behance. It's hard for me to understand exactly what it's for, my assumption is that it is for the Bravo TV channel. I might be completely wrong, but the important thing is that the motion design work is top-notch. I love the isometric perspective, the color palette and especially the mood with the textures. It feels natural and realistic, not like the super flat and clean vector style we see most of the time.

Motion Design: Tron Legacy Opening Titles

I remember the hype behind Tron Legacy, there was so much anticipation and excitement for the sequel of the classic Tron. The movie was good, I really like it but of course I am biased because I was amazed by the visual effects. The opening titles had this incredible motion design work of the grid that becomes a city all with the neon style. It was and still is incredible. I always wondered the team behind that motion design work and today for my surprise I saw this post on Behance shared by Bradley G Munkowitz giving a lot of details.

Beautiful Motion Design Work for TEDx Sydney Titles

Scott Geersen shared a beautiful motion design project on his Vimeo and Behance pages. It's the TEDx Sydney Titles and it features some quite awesome 3D and real scenes, which is one or the other I cannot say based on the video because everything is just too real. The theme of this year's event was "unconventional".

Graphic Design and Motion Graphics for IBM Leadership

It is awesome to see motion graphics taking an important role on design teams across the tech industry. With product and user experience design evolving at rapid pace, motion designers have a critical importance in helping constructing the best interface for users. Some times a simple motion can help designers reduce the need for artifacts or components. Video-games have been doing this for a long time and little by little our day to day interfaces are getting there.

Super Stylish Motion Design of Division & Unity

Division & Unity is a motion design, creative direction and animation project created and shared by Andrew Popplestone on his Behance profile. It's a beautiful message about modern life, how connected we are and the main issues that can create. The message is interesting but for us here we want to focus 100% on the motion design and visual language, which has that retro look with some modern interpretation. Check out below:

Art Direction: Ghost in the Shell Solograms and Posters

I have not seen Ghost in the Shell yet, but it's definitely on the list of movies I want to see despite the not so good reviews. One of the reasons is the look and feel of the movie. The post modern, futuristic look full of neons and crazy stuff. For this post we share a little bit of of the art direction behind it from a post shared by Ash Thorp and Christoffer Bjerre on their Behance pages.

Motion Design Inspiration: Hypnotic Animations

You thought we had forgotten about our Monday motion design inspiration right, but we did not forget it. We might have delayed for a bit but here it is a selection of incredible animations and motion design skills created and shared by James Curran. James is a familiar name here on Aduzeedo, we have featured his work a couple of times but what can we do if he keeps delivering. For this post we will feature more of his amazing perfectly looped animations, from subjects like the video-game Outrun to of course politics. Everything with a lot of sense of humor.

Motion Design - The Work of Cory Duma

It's Monday and as it has become more and more common I will post about motion design. I was even thinking about calling it Motion Monday, but then I thought, it is too cheesy. We used to do that quite a lot with our post though and I liked it. Back to our motion design post. Today I'd love to share some of the work that Cory Duma shared on his Dribbble profile. There's something subtle and as in one of the comments I read said, hypnotic about some of the projects.

Motion Design: Awesome work of Eyedesyn

If you love motion design and are not following Eyedesyn, you should start right now. EJ Hassenfratz, the mastermind behind it, is always sharing some incredible tutorials on Cinema 4D, for free. As he mentioned on his site " I aim to help designers realize their potential and get into the mindset of making learning a lifelong habit". In addition to that he also teaches at It's an super noble cause, and we here at Abduzeedo always support the sharing of knowledge. For this post I'd love to feature some of his work from his Dribbble profile. 

Motion Design and Illustration: Loopy by MUTI

Loopy is a graphic design and motion design project created and shared by MUTI on their Behance profile. This project caught my attention because it shows where our industry is heading in my opinion. The project is a set of motion design pieces on very stylish illustrations, the sort of illustrations we would see featured on design sites just a illustrations a few years back. Now, however there's subtle and elegant animations, which really takes it to a new level.

Motion Design: Twisted Letters Experiments

Twisted Letters is a series of motion design, art direction and graphic design experiments created and shared by * Webshocker * on their Behance profile. I have been seen these artworks via my Chrome extension that shows popular Dribbble entries every time I open a new tab. I was always in awe with how smooth and clever the animation and and motion design work was, so I decided to find out who was behind this clever designs. Below you can see some of them, my favorite has to be the Ss and the Happy word.

Motion design: UI and UX Collection

Motion design is intrinsically useful for product design, especially when designing for mobile devices. Even experience designers might have a difficult time evaluation solutions on the computer without testing on the device. In addition to that, there's so much information that can be lost by using the old approach of static mocks. Those are just a couple of reasons why motion design and prototype are mandatory steps during the product design process. After Effects, Principle, Framer, Javascript or straight native Java or Swift are some of the tool available.

Motion Design for UI by Michal Sambora

There's a clear shift or I would say evolution of interface design that relies more in motion design to make it easier for people to understand how to use the application. In addition to that motion design can enhance the visual experience tremendously. Michal Sambora has great examples of subtle and not so subtle animations to illustrate that. There are some quite interesting experiments, especially the real weather project that uses 3D to create dramatic icons for a weather app.

Motion Design: Nickelodeon Kids Pick The President

Nickelodeon Kids pick The President is a motion design and illustrations project shared by M A D E B Y R A D I O. As the name suggest, its a series of illustrations and motion design work for the 2016 presidential election in the USA. There's just too many things to love about this motion design project. Starting for the amazing sketches, that by themselves, would have been enough for us to feature the project. The translation to 3D is for lack of better word, stunning. It is fun and really smooth.

Motion Design/Typography - Skatepark

Skatepark font as the name suggest is a typography but also motion design project shared by Keisuke Terashima. Throughout these 10 years of Abduzeedo we have seen many very creative projects where the designer explores different ideas for a family face, however, this one that Keisuke put together has to be one of the coolest. Perhaps, because I am a fan of skateboarding, but the idea of mixing skateboarding and its beautiful tricks with letters reproducing obstacles is nothing less than amazing.

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