Interview with Iain Macarthur

Today we had the pleasure to interview one of the most awesome british illustrator from the last 5 years, please welcome Iain Macarthur. With a really surreal and detailed style, Iain illustrations are expressive, intense and trippy, hope you guys enjoy this interview we did with him. You can reach Iain on the following links: Website Behance Facebook Tumblr

Interview with Alexis Papageorgiou

In an interview with creative Alexis Papageorgiou, one of our very own first writers (you remember him as Aloa), he talks about the advantages of everyday life creativity and tells us about how he implements it in his life. Check it out! 1. It’s a pleasure to have you here. We would like you to introduce yourself. The pleasure is all mine. My name is Alexis Papageorgiou (the easiest name to spell) - I’m a director and producer from a country called Germany.

Interview with Anders Lassen from Fuse

The process behind designing a product is all about understanding the goals, the audience and what it's intended to do. It doesn't matter if it's a chair or a mobile app, the process is very similar, what changes are the tools and materials. For mobile apps, one of the most difficult parts of the process is to prototype with a high level of fidelity in quick turn arounds so we could test on the devices. The past year we saw an insurgence of great tools like Framer, Origami, Pixate, Invision and many others.

Interview with Rafael van Winkel

Hi, everyone! Today we are going to meet Rafael van Winkel, a Brazilian graphic designer that works as Art Director at Art Machine, a Trailer Park company, based in Los Angeles. For those who don't know, most of Hollywood productions' branding (trailers and artworks in general) are done by Trailer Park. Rafael is originally from the state of São Paulo, Brazil, and has been living in L.A. for some time now, doing advertising material and package design.

Interview with Brain Mash

Today we interview the minds behind the art design studio Brain Mash. Directly from Novosibirsk, Siberia, Russia, Brain Mash is a multimedia community that makes awesome interior and exterior mural projects usign their abilities from graffiti and graphic design background. You can se more from Brainmash studio on the following links: Behance Website Facebook

Designing while Travelling, an Interview with Meng To

For this week's interview, we have Meng To. Meng is designer and the maker of Design+Code Book. He's currently travelling around the World from North America to all the way to Asia. Let's enjoy this beautiful interview from a genuine designer. Tell me about yourself? My name is Meng and I’ve been traveling and designing for the past year. I come from a pretty modest background; born in Cambodia and immigrant to Canada. I never went to College. I am completely self-taught. In school, my classmates thought I was the shy kid who could draw well.

Interview with Cusco Rebel

After a while we are back with some new interviews with brazilian artists. Today we had the pleasure to interview Alexandre Cravo aka. Cusco Rebel, a artist an art director from Abduzeedo's hometown. You can reach Cusco on the following links: Facebook Flickr Instagram Mundo AG

Interview with Ben Johnston

Ben Johnston is a designer/typographer that got our attention recently for being on the highlight with some pretty well crafted projects mixing traditional and digital methods. Recently, we had the pleasure to interview Ben and know more about him, his career, technique and perspectives, hope you enjoy it. You can reach Ben on the following links: Website Behance Instagram

Interview with Alejandro Milá

Here on Abduzeedo we really like to feature artists from all over the world and today we had the pleasure to interview Alejandro Milá, a spanish illustrator based on Santa Ana, Costa Rica nowadays. Working mainly with Publicity and Editorial Media, Alejandro shared more about his story, style and tastes, enjoy it! You can reach Alejandro on the following medias: Website Facebook Twitter

Interview with Chez Meka

It has been a while since I discovered the work of Chez Meka thru their partners 123Klan from Montreal. Meka it's a really skilful and remarkable illustrator with a great influence from underground cultures such as punk rock, motorcycles, tattoos and skateboard. We had a recent chat with him and here's the complete interview for your appreciation. You can reach Meka on the following links: Website Facebook Twitter

Interview with Mr. Thoms

Contemporary street art got so much influenced by illustration and design on a positive way that nowadays we got some really impressive artists out there. I came across the work of Mr. Thoms by looking at some Behance profiles and I gotta say this guys got some serious skills. Today we had the pleasure to have this little chat with him. You can reach Mr. Thoms on the following links: Website Facebook Vimeo

Interview with Michael Marsicano

Knowing how to mix fantasy, surrealism and realistic drawing without making a mess is really a hard trick, but Michael Marsicano is one of this unique illustrators that made a long way to master his style. Working a lot for the editorial and advertisement market, Michael a really introspective and mysterious way to tell stories thru his artworks, today we had the pleasure to have this conversation with him. You can reach Michael on the following links: Website Behance

Interview with Snorri Eldjárn

Trying out new medias and mixing styles is a must for anyone willing to be a successful and skilful designer nowadays. Snorri Eldjarn is a graphic designer and illustrator based in Reykjavík, Iceland that is for sure part from this new generation of creatives and today he's going to share more about him with us. You can reach Snorri on the following links: Website Behance

Interview with Larisa Kalinovskaya

Most people may think that game designer are only responsible for the visuals, but actually all their design should convey gameplay, storytelling and usability prior to anything. Larisa Kalinovskaya is a game designer from Ukraine with a vast experience on doing mobile games, today she shared with us a bit of her work and experiences. You can see more from Larisa on the following links: Behance Revision

Interview with Robert Proch

Fine art and urban art for years have been considered separated genres that could not be mixed in any way. But on the last 10 years we saw the rise of artists that could be both classified as fine artists and street artists as they work are the perfect mix of both. Robert Proch is one of those young artists, earning respect for his incredible ability of mixing styles in any surface and situation. Here's a interview we did with him, hope you enjoy it. You can see more from Robert on the following links: Website

Interview with Markus Magnusson

Motion Graphics have a become a huge field for creatives on the last decade, since technology and resources are available for almost anyone willing to learn the basics on modern animation. Markus Magnusson is motion graphic based in Malmö, Sweden with a promising work and really cool portfolio, we had a chat and he shared more about his story, career and creative process. You can see more from Markus on the following links: Website

Interview with Glenn Arthur

Glenn Arthur is one of the most interesting and stylish illustrator out there nowadays, he's a american autodidact artist with a extremely good taste for feminine themes and color pallets. We already posted about Glenn in the past, but today we had the pleasure to interview him. You can see more from Glenn on the following links: Website Blog

Interview with Dave Foster

Dave Foster is a type designer based in Sydney, Australia whose work brought my attention while looking for typography works on Behance. It's really outstanding his ability to work with both digital and traditional as the result it's just impeccable. Today we had the opportunity to interview him and know more about his career and life. You can see more from Dave on the following links: Website Behance

Interview with DXTR

Any fan of street art probably already saw the works of the international collective of artists The Weird. One of their members, DXTR, just got my attention for his brilliant mix of design, illustration and graffiti into one interesting and amazing style. Here's a short interview we did with him recently. You can see more from DXTR on the following links: Flickr Behance

Interview with Brian Miller

Brian Miller is the owner, artist and illustrator behind the Orlin Culture Shop based in Erie, Colorado, USA. Clean lines, beautiful color pallets and grainy textures are a huge part on Brian's retro artworks that already conquered many clients attention. Today we present this interview we done with him. You can see more from Brian on the following links: Website Behance Twitter

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