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Industrial Design: Taptop Computer Concept

We have shared a concept about MacOs with an edge to edge design and now we are featuring a totally different perspective with an industrial design concept. It's called the Taptop Computer and a Desktop Experience of Apple OS and you will notice the removal of the famous dock from the screen giving a lot more room. This new hardware dock will have functions like quick actions, touch bar and more. What do you think? Would you be interested in this kind of concept?

Industrial and Modern Decor by Johnathon Q Swanson

There is real truth in finding inspiration at any turn in this beautiful life even at unassuming places like your local garden store. This is where I ran into a cart chock full of cactus and succulents and I just had to seek out the owner. Enter the talented Johnathon Q Swanson, an Oakland-based maker who specializes in industrial and modern decor for the home sourced from salvaged and reclaimed materials.

Peak Design is launching their greatest hits revamped of Capture, Slide, and Slide Lite

The folks at Peak Design just launched a 5-day Kickstarter and at the time we are writing this, the project has been funded 3 times the initial goal. Congratulations to the whole team! They are launching their greatest hits products but with an all-new revamped design. Introducing the new Capture, Slide and Slide Lite; I personally use the Capture Pro and it is such an incredible built as your camera carrying clip. Check it out and support them!

Industrial Design: Mkeke Stand Series

With the arrival of the latest iPhones, there is of course, the release of accessories for us to get and have it part of the essentials. Called: Stand Series, it has been designed by the folks from Seoul-based creative studio found / Founded for the Mkeke brand. Being two parts and made of the soft rugged material; you gotta love the simplicity and again the attention of details to the cord introduction. It's the little details that truly make a difference and you gotta love that colour!

Tide X Otter: Beautiful, Sustainably Designed Surfboard

We were lusting after this beautiful surfboard at first sight and then we discovered the wood was sourced from sustainable woodlands and we fell in complete love. As part of a workshop to design and make his own surfboard, Martin Spurway worked with Otter Surfboards in Porthtowan, UK to make a wooden surfboard sourced from sustainable woodlands.

36 Days by Vinicius Araújo

We're excited to share this rad personal project by Rio de Janeiro based graphic designer Vinicius Araújo titled 36 Days whereby he has inexplicably applied brand styles to letters of the alphabet leveraging a potpourri of graphic, industrial and motion design. We love how Vinicius only used Helvetica to create a representation of unique products we all know and love. A for Apple, B for Beats and so on. There isn't much written about the project so it is left up to us to interpret in our own special way.

Grovemade: Introducing the Desk Shelf System for your workspace

The awesome folks from Grovemade have recently introduced what they called: Desk Shelf System to enhance your workspace to the very next level. Most of our workspaces are generally cluttered with so many things. Grovemade is offering a wide range of products that intents to give you control of your clutter. Check out their store where you will find shelves, pads, laptop lifts, desk trays and more. Everything is beautifully designed and right to the brand of Grovemade.

Industrial Design: Introducing a few new things made by Google

Today Google has introduced us their second generation of hardware at their Made by Google Event. Did you watch it? What was your most exciting new hardware? 2017 lineup is packed with new stuff and we feel that they have covered all ends from the new Pixel phones, Google Home Mini and Max, new designed Pixelbook, Google Clips, Google Pixel Buds, and an updated Daydream View headset. It's a lot! And all powered with AI where Google Assistant will easily make your life easier. From squeezing your Pixel 2 to using the Pixelbook pen, Google Assistant will learn a lot from its cutting-edge AI.

Mujjo on making the best case they have ever made for iPhone 8/8Plus/X

Whenever there is a new smartphone on the market, brands will work their magic to produce cases so you can protect your fancy and expensive devices. We are featuring today Mujjo which we've had before on ABDZ, they are back today with an introduction of cases for the iPhone 8 / 8Plus and the X. Please enjoy!

Industrial Design: Samsung Dex Book Concept

We are sharing an industrial design project of a product that we wished it was real so we can see how it will actually work in real-life. Too bad it's just a concept but let's just say it's a pretty solid one. Introducing the Dex Book, a laptop to enhance your mobile experience using the Samsung S8/S8+. We have seen what the currently Dex Station from Samsung can do. You need a screen, a keyboard and a mouse to make it work but how about a laptop experience instead.

Industrial Design: Tiller, a Minimal Device for tracking your time

We would like to share another project that is currently live on Kickstarter. For this case, it's a beautiful, minimal device for tracking your time. Introducing Tiller, approached with a clean industrial design. This product has been created to make time tracking straightforward, simple, and unnoticeable. Just one tap starts or stops a timer, and a small turn switches between items. It’s a significant reduction compared to other software-based products. Let's dive in.

Introducing ZIPPELIN: a Travel Bag and Inflatable

We would like to share this interesting product that is currently live on Kickstarter. Introducing ZIPPELIN, a one-of-a-kind travel bag that is inflatable! Hand-cut in Switzerland from recycled truck tarps. This is the first rolling travel bag that is spacious when you need it, compact when you don't. I love the fact that it's inflatable because you can easily store it AND use high-quality recycled material makes it even better. What a wonderful concept, check it out!

Beautiful Industrial Design - Logitech CRAFT

Industrial design has definitely become a differentiator. We see that everywhere, from phones, computers, cars, pretty much every product tries to separate itself through a well-crafted industrial design. In the tech world that is even more visible, as the technology itself has, I dare say, been commoditized, what can add value is design. Back to hardware, for this post I'd like to share a bit about the new keyboard that Logitech has created and Bengt Brummer shared on his Behance profile. It's the Craft wireless keyboard

Industrial Design: Introducing Fitbit Ionic

Let's take a look at the latest from Fitbit, called the Ionic (Love the name!). It's packed with many features including personalized guidance & insights, built-in GPS, stores music, heart rate, 4+ days battery life and more. Currently, for pre-ordering, you will be able to accessorize it with bands for different aspects of your everyday routine from sport, leather and classic. I'll be very curious to see it live and test it for every situation. From what we are seeing today from its industrial design, this may be the potential Apple Watch killer, wouldn't you agree?

Industrial Design for Clippad Universal Gamepad

We have to say that Nintendo is always trying to innovate or at least be different. They saw the shift of how people play games, more and more on mobile devices, and created the Nintendo Switch. The biggest question for me is, will that be enough to stop the smartphone game revolution? One of the biggest issues with mobile games is the controllers. Touch screen is not as accurate or intuitive as physical controllers. For multiple button games it gets tricky because you never know exactly where your fingers are, causing the user to miss firing the right button.

Industrial Design: Leaf, a Pet Water Dispenser

As of late, I've been watching a lot of reality shows like Dragon's Den and Shark Tank. Some of us have this drive to someday create a product that is useful to actually upgrade your daily life. Like the one we are featuring today that involves Industrial Design, it's called Leaf and it's a pet water dispenser. For those who have pets, we all have been through the situation of feeding your animal water.

Industrial Design: Kin, the Wallet that sort your coins like Magic

We are featuring this superb industrial design & product design of a wallet named Kin. This wallet stands out from what's on the market for one particular reason, its coin management. Depending what type of a waller user that you are, I think we all have been through a situation where coins just bring you misery when comes to checkout your items at the store. In additional to its unique feature, the material used is also water resistant, even though things are going slowly but surely card-less; let's just say that it's never to late to refine our good old wallet.

Industrial Design & Architecture: Homed Project

And yet another very cool project that blends perfectly industrial design with architecture in goals to reduce homelessness with one the many most densely populated cities in the World with 27,000 people living per square mile. The folks at Framlab came up with a concept that would use the framework that already exists in the city - scaffolding. Built hexagon-shaped housing modules that would be designed to connect to the scaffolding structure to create a second, active layer on top of the empty wall. It's a very interesting approach, what do you think?

Industrial Design: Foldable Desk made of Cardboard Paper

A project where I feel that industrial design shines for its right purposes and cause. We are checking out this design by Seoul-based designer HaYoung Lee for a foldable desk made of cardboard paper. This effort came up while HaYoung has been traveling to India and noticed some kids taking notes and studying without a proper desk and a chair. So he made a design that was cheap to make, easy to assemble and transportable. Check it out!

Industrial Design: Tableware for Visually Impaired People

I really do take a great joy featuring projects that use design to help others. It is the very case with Eatsy, adaptive tableware for the visually impaired designed by Jexter Lim. I really would suggest that you guys take a look at Jexter's extensive process via his Behance. I mean we follow his design process and journey from the sketching, prototyping, 3d prototyping, comparison testing and what's close to be the final product.

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