A look at Conceptual Illustrations for GZH Product Design

With all the companies talking and merging about UI/UX design, web experiences are now rocking a certain standard in terms of what's "good practices" for your users. That being said, lots of sites are starting to show a similar look and feel in terms of UI. Let's take a look at the work of Leo Natsume, a creative designer based in beautiful Porto Alegre, Brazil. The illustrations he worked for GZH website are down-right beautiful and somehow shares a meaning.

A Window to the Past: Amazing Art Deco Posters by Mads Berg

Mads Berg is a Danish designer well known for his exquisite posters. His singular style is simply stunning. Check out the posters we have here and you will be hooked too. His incredible and bold art deco artworks will certainly take you back in time. Mads posters are elegant, colorful and stylish. The way he uses lines and curves delivers a modern take on the classic poster look. It is a beautiful combination of great illustration, type and shapes. In my opinion his images bring a certain glamour back to advertisement. It is a simple and elegant way of delivering a very clear message.

Super Stylish 60s & 70s Illustration

CranioDsgn ™ shared an incredible post on their Behance profile. It's titled 60s and 70s Illustrations and as you can already imagine, it's super stylish illustration artworks with that look and feel of those decades. The mood, the pose and of course the textures all made the composition work. Using imagery from those decades also helped a lot to get the effect desired. So scroll down and get inspired.

Stylish Illustration for French Magazine Usbek & Rica

I haven't posted about illustration projects for a long time. I have been a bit too focused on brand identity and UI/UX probably because it's something closer to what I do at work, which helps me to get inspired. However the work of Raul Urias is simply phenomenal and I had to share it here with you all. The style is quite unique, with bold colors and a nice black stroke of color defining the forms. It feels super fresh but with that hint of old school/vintage look. It's hard to explain, so that a look and let me know what you think.

Illustration Series: The Road Trip by Ranganath Krishnamani

We are sharing the work from Ranganath Krishnamani who is a designer & illustrator from Bangalore, India. I came across his work while doing the Daily Design Inspiration articles. I just loved the clean lines of his illustration style and what struck me the most was his color palette. So vibrant! Let's take a look at his latest series entitled: The Road Trip, inspiration coming from the country side of India.

Illustrations for Google Hotel Reviews

We are sharing the work of German Kopytkov who is working as an illustrator and a senior visual designer at Google. He has released a set of illustrations for Google Hotel reviews. What's cool about this set is you will recognize similarities in the colors from the Google logo. A visual approach so simple that is down-right valuable in terms of yielding the categories like Couple, Family, Business, Solo and Friends. One of the reasons why I always think it's a great challenge to work on projects with a clear understanding of the brand.

Interference of Light Illustration Series by Danny Ivan

Happy Friday everyone! We would like to share the work of Danny Ivan who is a freelance 3D Imagery maker / Art Director for motion based in Porto, Portugal. His illustration series is entitled: Interference of Light 2.0, a beautiful set of creative experimentations using Maxon Cinema 4D and of course Photoshop. As I quote here from Danny: "The big goal here is to transmit a certain of serenity with these abstract images on a technology electric world."

Lettering Illustrations by Meni Chatzipanagiotou

Let's take a deep breath of pure inspiration with the work of Meni Chatzipanagiotou, an illustrator and graphic designer from Thessaloniki, Greece. She has just released this beautiful set of lettering illustration hand drawn with pens and acrylic paint. The results are just stunning to look at. Aside from the shop, you can order your own custom name into an illustration by Meni herself. Check it out if you love her work and would love to find out more!

Beautiful & Heartwarming Illustrations by Graziela Andrade

Get ready to to put a smile on your face with these beautiful illustrations. If by any reason you need a little love and some pick me up images. You are in the right place. The artist behind these pieces is a fellow Brazilian. Graziela Andrade from Aracaju. I love how, depending on the style, illustrations can take us to very different places. There are all sorts of drawings out there. And that is the magic of it. What got my attention on Graziela Andrade's work was the softness, the cuteness, the expressiveness. Her work is simply heartwarming.

Illustration: Human Fluidity by Rik Oostenbroek x Adobe Stock

We would like to share the latest work from our good friend Rik Oostenbroek in collaboration with Adobe Stock. Rik is a longtime artist that we have been featuring since our beginnings, more than 10 years ago. We are glad that he is still doing well and coming up with stunning illustrations. Like this one called: Human Fluidity in collaboration with Adobe Stock where he basically had to create a piece using only images from their large library of photos.

Music Album Cover Illustrations by El Diablo

El Diablo is an art director and illustrator based in Vancouver, BC in Canada. His illustration works are mostly for music albums. I just love the color palette and illustrative style. I have rarely seen a beautiful combination of colors between peach and slight-greeny-blue colors mixing so well together. You should definitely check out more of his work on Behance.

Awe-inspiring Masterpiece Drawings by Gurekbal Bhachu

Prepare to be amazed by masterpiece drawings by Gurekbal Bhachu who is a self-taught artist based in London, UK. His muse? He takes as inspiration celebrities and characters like Eminem, Drake, Morgan Freeman and even Thanos from the Avengers: Infinity War movie. His level of details is what is the most awe-inspiring ones we have ever seen on ABDZ. Take Thanos for example, you can clearly see the levels of details from the color, texture, and highlights. A huge prop to Gurekbal for his incredible work.

Luscious Watercolor pieces by Kseniia Yeromenko

Watercolor is such a beautiful and intricate technique. I'm always taken away by the subtlety of watercolor pieces. It is like artists have a magic wand and create these beautiful stories with their work. And if you like to imagine what is behind an artwork, you will probably think that Kseniia Yeromenko is always hungry or always thinking about food. She creates amazing watercolor pieces that will certainly make you hungry.

Endless Summer vibes with Kate Wadsworth's stylish illustrations

I love checking out the illustration hashtag on Instagram. It is a great source of inspiration and an amazing way to find new artists. It was in one of my browsing adventures that I found the beautiful illustrations of Kate Wadsworth. The striking colors she uses and captivating subject got my attention right away. After checking out more of her work on her website and Behance I was even more in awe with her pieces.

Beautiful Illustration for Havaianas Father's Day Campaign

Willian Santiago shared a really cool set of illustration for the popular brand of sandals and flip-flops, Havaianas. It was for the father's day campaign in Brazil. What I love about this project and Havaianas is that they are constantly evolving their style. When we started the blog we featured some popular illustrations created for them from designers that became wild successful, mainly because of those projects. So nothing better than sharing Willian's work as well. 

Illustration of Parallel Reality in Russia 2077

Eugene Zubkov and Lena Terkunova shared some incredible illustration and digital art work on their Behance profile. The title is Russia 2077 and it has this utopian view of the future mixing old and extremely futurist ideas. Like an old car that flies and other crazy ideas. I love the imagination, especially the goal of trying to imagine how things would look 50-60 years in the future. Like Back to the Future.

Be Legendary. Nike Branding Concept for Tokyo 2020

Daniele Caruso is a freelance illustrator based in Swindon, United Kingdom. He is working mainly in illustration, graphic design and branding. We are taking a look at his branding concept for Nike: Be Legendary, for the upcoming and anticipated Tokyo 2020. With the tagline "legendary", Daniele included mythological creatures to create an artistic atmosphere alongside with the colour palette that totally reminds me of Dotonbori (the bright heart) from Osaka, Japan. What do you think? Would you like this kind of visual approach if it was from Nike.

The Mandelbrot Loneliness Abstract Series by Nikita Kolbovskiy

Beautiful illustration series by Nikita Kolbovskiy who is an architect and a CG artist based in Moscow, Russian Federation. Entitled: "the Mandelbrot Loneliness, and I just love this quote from his own description: "a separate planet with its own history". The cover image we used looks like a direct scene from the Total Recall from the 1990s starting no one but the Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The Art of Matt Taylor

I am seriously surprised that we have never featured the work of Matt Taylor because it's awesome. He is making a buzz today because of the release of Avengers: Infinity War Poster by Mondo. He is a remarkable illustrator based in the UK and has worked with brands like Amazon Studios, BBC Worldwide, GQ, Marvel and more. For print purchases, you should definitely check out his Shop.

World Cup 2018 Illustrations: Félicitations les Bleus (France)

In case you have been outside this beautiful planet, today marked the day where France won the World Cup 2018 against the superb team of Croatia in Luzhniki Stadium, Russia. This is their second World Cup title since 1998, well Félicitations les Bleus! For the occasion, we are sharing the work of Yann Dalon who is an illustrator from Paris, France. We are honouring his work for the French Football Federation (FFF) the decoration of the Russian Hotel for the World Cup 2018 in the town of Istra, Russia.

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