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Editorial Design: A Brief Story About Everything

I love checking out old project published on sites like Behance and Dribbble. I think it's a great testament of good design if they can stand the test of time. There are some areas that are more prone to survive the painful effect of time. Editorial Design is one of them and this project  that Mane Tatoulian is a great example. It was originally published in 2015 and still feels fresh, at least from my point of view.

Stylish Editorial Design for Design Fabric Fest

Shrenik Ganatra and Ninad Kale shared a beautiful editorial design project on their Behance profile. It was commissioned for a design event called Design Fabric Fest. Featuring an awesome graphic design style, they played with bold typography and really nice graphic elements to create the booklet. The colors are also very nicely chosen, mixing a vibrant red with dark purple and yellow.

Editorial Design: 90s Look of Hypebeast 20 - The X Issue

Hypebeast 20 — The X Issue is an editorial design project created by Hybrid Design studio. The designers behind this beautiful project were Carl-Hampus Vallin, Patchara Charoensiri, Frédérique Gravier, Olivia Ward, Dave Weber. For me, one of the most interesting things about this projects is the visual cues from the 90s and the deconstructivism graphic design.

Editorial Design Inspiration for the New ABDZ

For the past few weeks, I have been collecting visual references in branding as well as editorial design and sketching some ideas for a significant redesign for the Abduzeedo brand and site. I have been refining some of the concepts, at least, in my head they are crystal clear. For the brand, I want to make it friendlier and more abstract. For the site and overall branding collaterals, I want to keep it very simple and minimalist. So for this post, I want to share some of the visual references I have been collecting for the new website.

Editorial Design: The Big Disconnect

Wes L Cockx shared a beautiful editorial design project on his Behance profile. It was for The Big Disconnect article for the Atlanta publication. The article talks about, or asks what happened to Google Fiber in Atlanta. But we are not featuring it here because of the content per se, but how the content was laid out on the pages as well as the beautiful and bold 3D text. 

Elegant Editorial Design for Typoforma Issue No. 1

Firman Suci Ananda and Zulfan Iskandar are designers from Indonesia and they shared this very inspiring graphics and editorial design post on their Behance profile. It is titled "Typoforma - Issue No.1" and as you can see by its name, the focus is pretty much on typography and composition. You might ask me, this looks like any other editorial post. You are right, however, this post, in particular, illustrates quite well the direction I believe the web is going to.

Editorial Design: Centro Cultural Jardín Japonés

Let's kick it off with a beautiful branding & editorial design by Angello Torres who is a graphic designer from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Ver Para Oír / Jardín Japonés translated to See To Hear / Japanese Garden and I simply love this project. The mixture of the culture, colours and you just gotta love that font Avant Garde who has been my go-to font for years. Check it out, this project is beautifully shown in execution and presentation.

Editorial Design and Illustration for Public-sector Publications

Marçal Prats shared a beautiful post showcasing the editorial design and illustration work done for very important publications. These public-sector publications have one thing in common: the people. The topics they deal with are very sensitive and therefore the illustrations always convey trust and positivity. For more information make sure to check out: http://www.marcal.net/

Editorial Design: The Big E newspaper

Jordan-River Low shared a great editorial design post on his Behance profile. The work was made for a university brief called Advanced editorial. For the project they were supposed to come up with our own unique, or local newspaper, with their own curated information, sections and contents related to the style of the newspaper.

Elegant Editorial Design Project: Cities and Names

Anastasia Genkina is a designer from Moscow, Russia and she share a quite elegant typography and editorial design on her Behance profile. It was created by students during the Editorial Design course at the Porto Design Summer School. We always love and support these types of projects. Make sure to check it out after the break.

A Skateboarder's Journal Book Cover Design Process

As a former skateboarder and still avid fan of the sport I try to follow what's going on in that industry especially because, in my opinion, I believe they set a lot of trends in style. I have fond memories of the skateboarding magazines I used to collect in the 90s like Trasher and Transworld. When I saw the post that Tim Bisschop about a hand painted book cover for the "A Skateboarder's Journal" I knew I had to post about it. Tim was also super cool to share a bit of how he did that.

Editorial Design: Cazador Cookbook by Tim Donaldson

This is an editorial design by New Zealand-based Creative Director Tim Donaldson, it's a design of cookbook entitled: Cazador. The print material reminds me of an old cookbook which brings a great load of nostalgia. Once inside the book you are introduced to a few images which again keeps that vintage concept but you will notice the big beautiful fonts for the "chapters" and also use for a two-spread designated for quotes. Simple, lovely and quite efficient.

Editorial Design & Graphic Design for Budweiser and Barbecue Book

Henrique Folster shared a super interesting post on his Behance profile that definitely deserved a feature here on Abduzeedo. There's not a lot of information about the project with some amazing imagery to compliment. It's an editorial design but also graphic design and illustration effort by a collective of individuals for what seems to be a book about Budweiser and Barbecue. What really impressed me was the variety of styles throughout the images.

Illustration & Art Direction: Selected Editorial Work by Eiko Ojala

Let's take a look at the Illustration & Art Direction project by Eiko Ojala about a selected collection of his work from 2016-17. What's interesting is that you would think that is paper cut but it's a illustrative mixture with graphic design. The Beautiful craftsmanship that you should definitely be inspired. Check it out! Eiko Ojala is an illustrator and graphic designer based in Tallinn, Estonia. You should definitely check out his Behance for more of his stunning work.

Minimalist Editorial Design for VÆRK Magazine

How many people read paper magazine nowadays? I started this post with a question because despite the fact that magazines are becoming obsolete in their paper form, their contribution to design is hard to put on words. Editorial design for me is one of the most inspiring fields of design. It's the pinnacle of design if you will. You have a limit amount of space on the page, you might have big and small images, you have text and you need to call readers attention for the content.

Editorial Design for the Beautiful Black Apple Magazine [BAM]

Editorial design has for me is the biggest source of inspiration. The beauty of organizing text, imagery and colors to create composition that is not only visual pleasing but also efficient at communicating the message to the reader. BUREAU CHAPEAU MELON created and shared this incredible editorial design project on their Behance profile It's the design for Black Apple Magazine and it has it all.

Editorial Design: Hello Mr. Magazine

We are featuring an editorial design project from the Hello Mr. who is a community of men who date men who share thoughts and conversations about interests, hopes and fears. Since their launch back in 2012, they have gathered interests from people all around the world. Published twice a year, they are back on Kickstarter to introduce a new artist residency for the creators of tomorrow. It's called: The Issues.

Editorial & Graphic Design: Everyone, El Salvador

The mighty folks from Toronto-based Underline Studio have partnered with the Salvadoran human rights organization, Asociación Pro-Búsqueda. To create and design a special edition newspaper that highlights the atrocities of El Salvador's civil war through art, poetry and action. Their goal is to spread awareness and promote their cause. You should definitely check out their Kickstarter and give them your support.

Beautiful Graphic Design Erkenntnisweg und Heiliger Geist

Yuta Takahashi shared an incredible graphic design and editorial design project on his Behance profile titled Erkenntnisweg und Heiliger Geist.  As he mentions in the description, this book, which combines modernity and minimalism, ancient knowledge and philosophical thought, has a completely new, unique design. You can definitely see that right away with the cover that is simple but very elegant because of the paper texture.

Editorial Design: Play, Cook, Kiss: Culinary Tricks

Happy Friday guys! We are sharing a culinary book that is everything except being conventional. Let me explain, the folks at Juicy Square did an incredible job at editorial design to express the passion for food through the pages of the book entitled: Play, Cook, Kiss: Culinary Tricks. The title says it all, the design is playful and does a play on the material too. Something we have rarely seen in this part of the industry. Mixing different mediums from sketching, typography, images and graphic design; this book is certainty a gem.

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