Small Spaces Envy in Brooklyn's Greenpoint

Minimal living is having a heydey and with home prices soaring from coast to coast and around the globe, the trend of families moving into small spaces in an effort to amplify their lives is on the rise. We came across this amazing space in Brooklyn's Greenpoint neighborhood as featured on Dwell last year and were more than inspired to start trolling Redfin for our own space. Not to mention, immediately post all the crud currently housed in our garage on Craigslist.

Industrial Design & Architecture: Homed Project

And yet another very cool project that blends perfectly industrial design with architecture in goals to reduce homelessness with one the many most densely populated cities in the World with 27,000 people living per square mile. The folks at Framlab came up with a concept that would use the framework that already exists in the city - scaffolding. Built hexagon-shaped housing modules that would be designed to connect to the scaffolding structure to create a second, active layer on top of the empty wall. It's a very interesting approach, what do you think?

Unsettling 3D Architecture by Artur Saljukov

It's just amazing to see 3D renders that look like real pictures. Estonian designer Artur Saljukov comes up with life-like computer graphics that will stun you! These are really unsettling renders... at times you don't really know if you're actually seeing a picture or a computer generated image. Of course, these are only a handful of Artur's work. For more of it, please visit his portfolio at CGSociety.

The Art of Parisian Floors

Unaware people might visit Paris and think that monuments, statues and paintings are all there is to see, but if they pay bigger attention on their surroundings, let's say, under their feet, they might be left in awe by these Parisian floors.

33,000sqft Coworking Offices in Hong Kong

The rise of coworking offices and independent entrepreneurs are a thing of a near future. A style of work that is surrounded by a shared environment can be beneficial our one's growth, especially with different organizations on the same roof. We are featuring this beautiful and modern looking 33,000sqft Coworking Offices in Hong Kong for The Work Project. Designed by Bean Buro, you are walking into 4 floors of shared spaces and I gotta admit that vertical garden is just splendid to look at. Imagine working surrounded with an inspiration botanical set. Wow!

Brainstorming Rooms at the Zendesk Offices from Melbourne

Part of a design process, they will a need of a whiteboard or brainstorming rooms. An area whenever it is your home office or office that you can share ideas, concepts and opinions on some of the concerns in the project. There's a great value out of this practice. Let's take a look at hardware and software development company named Zendesk has done. Knowingly that they build softwares for better customer relationships and I truly that it should start from its core. Let's give it a look!

Modern, Cozy and Inspiring House Y in Finland

Today we have an inspiring house to show here. House Y is located in Iisalmi, Finland, and it is breathtaking. The combination of glass and wood nestled in a beautiful scenario give us a feeling of a remote cabin. The perfect place for you to go and get all of your inspirational juices flowing. A place surrounded by a great landscape to keep you inspired while also giving you a sense of privacy. The house actually consists of three barns put together in a Y shape. It is certainly a modern and nice take on the barn living idea.

Simple and Beautiful Villa in Motobu, Japan

Today we are showcasing a beautiful and simple villa in Japan. From huge houses to tiny ones, we have published all sorts of homes here. But I have noticed that people keep asking for simple things. Houses that are beautiful, inspiring and doable. Places where we can see ourselves living and not only dreaming about. This is why today we will show another simple yet amazing home. Shinminka Villa is located in Motobu, Japan, and it was designed by ISSHOArchitects. Motobu ia a town that sits on the northern part of Okinawa Island.

Architecture: Inside the Dropbox Offices in Sydney

For this week's architecture, we are traveling to Sydney, Australia inside the offices of Dropbox. With a concept of creating a workplace as home, Dropbox worked with Gensler who is an agency based in San Francisco, California. I really love the ceiling with these clean lines with that touch of wood that totally changes the mood between night and day. Definitely worth a look!

Architecture: Airbnb Offices in Dublin

Airbnb, we know the name and most of us have at least experienced once of their many homes or experiences all over the World. Let’s reverse and take an inside look and architecture into one of their homes: Airbnb Offices in Dublin. Designed by Heneghan Peng Architects, you’ll be charmed by an open space with many textures of wood and structural elements including a dramatic cascading staircase. Please enjoy!

Architecture: Inside the Offices of VSCO Oakland

VSCO is an editing app that I use almost every day to enhance workflow with my photography through taking photos, editing, filtering and sharing them. That being said, I am always wondering about the architecture inside the offices will look like, a behind the scenes look to see their work environment of such a genuine app that changed the way we take pictures.

Inspiring Treehouse Scape in Dorset

Do you like the idea of a treehouse? Did you want one as a kid but never got it? No worries. The architects from BEaM designed an amazing treehouse scape in West Dorset, England. The project will certainly make your childhood dreams come true. The Woodman’s Treehouse makes a great glamping option for those looking for a luxurious adventure in the woods. Cozy spaces, beautiful choices of wood and amazing surroundings give this place a totally inspiring feel.

Illustration: Stylish Buildings of Miami

Miami 2017 is an illustration project  shared by Remko Heemskerk on his Behance profile. As the title suggests, the illustrations are about Miami, more specifically, buildings and architecture of that beautiful city. There's a mix of the famous art deco buildings  and some more modernist interpretations. All of that reinterpreted through simple vector illustrations with no gradients, just solid colors and quite a bit of contrast.

DublDom, a Beautiful and Modern Modular House

Modular houses, or prefabricated houses, are picking up momentum lately. We have been seen amazing modular houses designs. From small and minimal projects to bigger ambitious ones, there is certainly a modular house idea to fit your needs. To give you a taste of that we will show a beautiful and modern home in Pirogovo lake, Russia. The project was designed by BIO-architects. The house was designed for a couple that had lived in one of the architect's modular homes.

Architecture: Common Ground by Urbantainer

We all have seen containers implemented as a house or pop-up shops but what about 5300 m2 building? It’s just insane just to think of it but at the same time looking at this architecture project by Urbantainer. It seems quite possible and beautiful too! Located in Seoul, South Korea, this building called Common Ground is connecting the Street Market and the Market Hall with stores and terraces. I wish someday to be able to visit this spot!

Sonoma weeHouse, a Beautiful ultra-minimal home

If you are interested in the ultra-minimal home idea, you've come to the right place. What is an ultra-minimal home? Well, take a look at this amazing project by Alchemy and you will understand. The Sonoma weeHouse is based on Alchemy's original weehouse. Their original project is a modular prefabricated housing system that optimizes many elements of the traditional design-build process. Here they took the basics of the original and gave it a very nice outcome. The result, as they say, is a small, ultra-minimal, high-end home.

Church Hill Barn in Suffolk, UK

Barn houses seem to be pretty popular these days. And I have to admit that I love it! Barns that are converted into houses are spacious, bright and inspiring. Like the one we are showing you today. Church Hill Barn is a beautiful home on the Essex and Suffolk border. The project was actually a renovation. Church Hill Barn was part of several buildings for the Assington Hall Estate, destroyed by fire in the 1950s. David Nossiter Architects did a great job restoring it. Giving the place a modern look with a cozy and warm feel.

Interior Design: NL2 SMA

NL2 SMA is an interior design and architecture project shared by Anton Siriak. I rarely post about interior design, I usually write posts about architecture, however there's something about this project that really caught my attention. I am fan of simple interiors, minimal. I love when everything is sort of hidden and whatever is visible is because it has a purpose a bit more than just decoration. Anton's project embraces all of that, with the addition of a stunning outdoor space.

Beautiful House in Trees in Los Angeles

Nestled in a beautiful hillside in Los Angeles hills, this place is inspiring. House in Trees is a project by Anonymous Architects and you can see that the house blends perfectly with its surroundings. The architects developed something that has a remote feel despite being so close to all of Los Angeles craziness. The main challenge of the project was the placement of the home. The beautiful Cypress tress should be preserved at all costs. So what a better idea then incorporating them into the design? Yes. This is what they've done.

Architectural Illustration - Famous Buildings

Architectural illustration Progress Profiles is a illustration project shared by Andrea Minini. He was commissioned to create thirteen architectural illustrations reproducing some super renowned buildings around the world. The most beautiful thing about them is the simplicity and the use of lines to highlight some of the iconic features of these buildings. It's a great use of the Blend Tool in Illustrator, at least that would be the way I would do it. Actually we have posted some tutorials here on ABDZ about that, like the Offset Path Effect/

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