The Architecture of MVRDV's Future Towers in Pune, India

Let us introduce the first completed project by the fine folks from MVRDV, an architect studio based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. I had the chance the visit their studio and they deliver incredible works like the current and very famous Tianjin Binhai Library located in the District of Binhai in the Municipality of Tianjin.

Exploring the Learning Hub in Singapore

Kris Provoost is an architect and a photographer based in Shanghai, China. We have featured his work before on ABDZ and I would like to feature his series of photographs of the Learning Hub located in Singapore. Currently visiting Singapore myself but I won't have time to make a trip to "the Hive" for that amazing look-up. I would like to pass on the mic to my buddy Kris who did an amazing job, so check it out!

Innercity Noir - a black & white photography series

Epaillard + Machado is a photographer currently based in Paris, France. I have said many times on ABDZ but to me; black & white photography is a style that is hard to accomplish. I mean you can easily snap a filter but to actually conceptualize beforehand is an art. I just love some of his pieces especially on the contrast or the play with the light. I would totally advise you guys to give him some love on his Instagram. He has beautiful work and needs more love from all of us.

Architecture Illustration Tribute to Antonio Bonet

Rouslan MALSAGOV and The21night . shared a beautiful post on their Behance profile title BONET. It's a series of architecture illustrations with a clean vector look. They were created to pay homage to the architect Antonio Bonet.

Architecture & Interior Design: 3508 by Sabbath Studio

Let's travel to Mexico to visit a small creative studio space of 100 m2 called: 3508. The architecture & interior has been designed by Sabbath Studio. Located in Monterrey, Mexico, they specialized in branding, print design and also architecture. It's cool to see a graphic design studio taking it to another level with architecture and even with interior design. You should definitely check out more of their work on Behance.

Architecture Photography: Dramatis personae IV Series

Sebastian Weiss is a photographer and a columnist at the AD Architectural Digest Germany, based in Hamburg, Germany. His work has been featured in many architectural publications and now on ABDZ. I love the perspective shared withing Sebastian's photographs, it's a strong emphasis on the appearances of buildings. It's not an easy task to combine first of all the scene with the light and contrast. He has done such a beautiful job, it's quite inspiring!

Infinite Lines & Architecture of Hong Kong

Peter Stewart is a travel photographer based in Hong Kong. We are featuring his first project ever released on Behance. Entitled Stacked - Urban Architecture of Hong Kong, it's a collection of pictures and memoirs taken by Peter ever since 2013 and up until now. You will witness dense urban environments, and architecture of Hong Kong's high rise public housing. In this series, you will probably enjoy of his artistic vision because tit's all about the little details. perhaps pay some attention to the symmetry?!

Beautiful Houses 3D Edition: House in the Dunes

House in the Dunes is a architecture and animation project that Michał Szulik shared on his Behance profile a few months ago. I might be a bit late to the game, but as we used to have our series of posts called Beautiful Houses, and I am always looking for some inspiration or references for my own house, Michal's project really caught my attention. The House in the Dunes is a beautiful and very stylish house, at first I really thought it was real, but then I realized it was a render.

Architecture: Inside the Offices of Mozilla Japan’s Open Source Factory Space

Let's get an inside look at the offices of Mozilla, more precisely their Open Source Factory Space located in Japan. What's interesting about this space is the simplicity. Purely minimal and it really does reflect with the open source concept. The workspace is filled with wood material to enhance the ergonomics of the working environment. I have no doubts that the people working in this space can easily provide the best of their work.

Exploring LEGO® House (Home of the Brick) in Denmark

Hope everyone has enjoyed a beautiful Weekend, I guess as part of our routine we would surf on Netflix just to cool off the week by watching a movie or by simply just surfing until you have no more ideas what to watch anymore. Hah! Well, I stumbled across one documentary that thought would be nice to share on ABDZ, presenting LEGO House - Home of the Brick.

Interior Design for Doctor Manzana by Masquespacio Design

Let's take a look at a very colourful interior design for Doctor Manzana by Masquespacio Design, a creative director based in Valencia, Spain. You gotta know what Doctor Manzana is? Well it's brand specialized in iPhone reparations and mobile phone accessories, above other accessories for smartphones. What strikes you the most is the choice of the colour pattern which are: green and blue as a reference, salmon for the fashionistas and purple for the geeks. What do you think of this interior design?

A look inside an experimental WIRED Store

Just kick off the week with a cool experimental retail design space from the folks of Verdes NYC for WIRED Magazine. As I am a true believer in the sad truth that retail experience is dying, it's great to see brands still stepping it up to build a better customer experience. Imagine seeing the "What's Inside" section of the magazine into a physical store, what are the odds? As readers, one of the first things we do after seeing a cool product.

Architecture & Interior Design: Brain Embassy, Mokotów

Last few months I was able to travel in Europe twice (Stockholm and Amsterdam), one country I would love to travel to is Poland more particularly in Warsaw. We are taking a look at the Brain Embassy located in Mokotów, Warsaw; what is particular about this interior design is actually the workspaces. According to the design by mode:lina architekci, rooms are designed to stimulate your creativity and imagination.

Sabah Brand Identity & Interior Design by Futura .

Let's take a look at this brand identity & interior design by Futura, a studio based in Mexico City, Mexico. This is their design for Sabah, an authentic dessert food shop located in Kuwait with also selected products from all over the world. The overall look & design is a playful use of wooden panels to cover the walls for which reminds me of the 70s somehow. Integrated with bright colors and earthy tones are seen in the furniture as well, you just gotta love the contrast.

Pictures of the Amazing Sonoco Headquarters

The new Sonoco headquarter is the kind of place that we just see the office picutres and would love to work for them, just that. Located in Hartsville, South Carolina, the Whitney Architects made and amazing job designing their new office, creating a new innovation center that truly exemplifies their new brand and company initiatives of innovation.

Beautiful Houses: Fighting House by studio_suspicion in South Korea

I am a huge fan of watching foreign movies and TV shows on Netflix, I really enjoy learning about other cultures especially seeing how people live their day-to-day in other countries. I think that is the beauty of traveling! What brings me to today's subject by taking us to South Korea and its architecture (P.S. I would definitely love to travel there!). I stumbled across this design by studio_suspicion of what they called: the Fighting House. It is such an unusual approach but I love the reasoning behind this design.

Architecture & Interior Design: Blushhh! Secret Shop

We are sharing the work of Kateryna Zuieva who is from AKZ Architectura based in Ukraine. We are showcasing her architecture & interior design project for Blushhh! Secret Shop located in Kiev. I simply love the whole theme going on into this shop with first of all the neon lights and the minimum use of two colours for the whole store colour palette. You can't help also to notice the cool symmetry of the dressing room, overall quite a beautiful design. It must have been lovely for pictures taking.

Architecture & Interior Design: JimJams Store

Let's take a look at this architecture & interior design project by Mexico-based brand studio Anagrama. Called JimJams Store, it has been created as a tribute for sports fans. The design concept was to create a balance between the sales area and the sporting environment itself. I think the overall design is conceptual where you actually would want to spend hours inside. Props to the whole team!

Architecture: House Yorii located in Saitama Prefecture, Japan

It's been a little while since our last article about architecture, how about a minimal house located in Saitama Prefecture, Japan. At less than 30km from the center area of Tokyo, you'll be charmed by its minimalist design where the house structure is surrounded of clean lines. I really love the ancient vs modern take on the balcony deck to the backyard. A simple and yet really meaningful design by Shinsuke Yokoyama.

Architecture & Branding: Nike Ibirapuera Football and Running

We are taking a look at the architecture & branding project for the largest park in São Paulo, Brazil. We are featuring the work of Ricardo Carvalho worked on the branded renovation for the football fields and the running tracks. Everything was invested and commissioned by Nike Brazil. It was interesting to see of the Behind-the-Scenes about the process and seeing the final result. Give it a look!

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